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Passage of Time in Dreams

I think that before we can understand the passage of time in dreams we need to reflect upon the passage of time in our daily lives. Time intervals, or the passage of time, seem to be directly related to our activities and perceptions. Albert Einstein responded to questions about his theory of relativity by saying, "Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute. That's relativity." Age is a factor as well. When I was a boy, I frequently passed a house where a retired man lived. He would often be sitting on his porch, and I would stop and talk with him. I can still vividly recall a conversation one day when

Relationships, the Devil Made Me Do It, and Dreams

Relationships have always been challenging, but today they seem even more so. The divorce statistics show a breakdown of the traditional family, and the number of people on medication due to stressful relationships is frightening. Nowadays it is not uncommon to meet people who have three or more failed marriages, and some will acknowledge many more relationships that did not result in marriage. When I was a young man, I would occasionally chat with an older man where I was employed who liked to tell stories about his life experiences. Once he confessed that he had some bad experiences with women in his life. He told me about a marriage that was not good and claimed the woman was the bane of

Your Appearance in Dreams

In your self-aware dreams, dreams in which you are aware that you are involved in some activity, what is your appearance? This may be an essential part of the dream. And this may provide a clue as to the message of the dream. Let’s consider some examples. These examples reflect negative conditions to be corrected. The opposite of the negative conditions in dreams would indicate that positive effects symbolized are found in your daily life. You might dream your hair is disarray with strands sticking out in all directions. This may indicate that your thoughts are in disarray, and you should reflect on the recent state of your mind. Your thoughts are associated with your mind and mental appeara

More About People You Meet in Dreams

Some believe that the people you meet in dreams are all aspects of yourself. Others who are often into the metaphysical take a more literal interpretation and think any encounter with someone who has passed over is a meeting with the spirit of that person. I believe that both views are wrong. I have numerous examples of dreams that clearly indicate some of the encounters with individuals in dreams were to make me aware of issues the person I encountered was experiencing. Later discussions with the individuals revealed that the information the individual revealed in the dream was completely accurate. I have also had dream encounters with individuals who have passed over. Some reflection on th

Invasion of Ants and Other Insects

Dreams help us maintain a sense of balance in our lives. If we become unbalanced in some way, we are likely to have dreams that reveal that condition. In the previous post, I wrote about storms in our lives when major imbalances occur. This post is about how minor problems or irritations are reflected in our dreams. If our responses to minor issues are not corrected, minor issues could become major and blowups could occur resulting in stressful upsets or confrontation with others. We all go through mental cycles and experience both highs and lows. Sometimes we can deal with the most difficult problems and still feel cheerful and in control. Other times, we become irritated by even small prob

Storms in Dreams

The presence of storms in dreams is often an indicator that something, your life, a situation or environment, has seen or will see turmoil. In my book, I describe a dream I had in the early years of my work with dreams that showed two tornadoes of different sizes hitting my place of employment. The largest tornado hit the main building, and a smaller one hit the satellite building where I worked. Within a few weeks, layoffs were announced with the largest number occurring in the main facility. The impact on the group in the satellite building was small by comparison. Of course, the turmoil was the resulting chaos in many people’s lives due to the loss of their jobs. Other types of storms occ

Some Examples of Exceptional Mind Power (Savants)

The Law of Psychic Phenomena contains some remarkable stories about individuals who have demonstrated unusual mental abilities. Some additional sources of stories about and information on individuals who have demonstrated amazing powers of the mind are provided in this post. Extraordinary People by Darold A. Treffert, M.D., a psychiatrist with institutional experience who has specialized in the area of Savant Syndrome, details some of the stories of remarkable genius that often occurs. The Savant Syndrome, considered an extremely rare condition, occurs often enough to have been studied by medical practitioners and researchers. The popular movie Rain man starring Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise

The Law of Psychic Phenomena—The Seminal Work by Thomson Jay Hudson

In 1893, The Law of Psychic Phenomena by Thomson Jay Hudson was published and presented a working hypothesis for the systematic study of the vast potential of man’s mind. This work was also referred to in the Cayce trance readings as a book one should read to understand what happened during a reading. In Hudson’s work, there are two aspects of mind: objective and subjective. The two minds are very different in their purpose and capabilities. In modern terminology, the objective mind is the conscious reasoning mind. The subjective mind is the subconscious mind with enormous powers of deduction and memory and provides control of the autonomic nervous system. According to Hudson, the two aspect

Your Soul's Purpose

I have previously written about finding your soul’s purpose through your dreams. Answers to my own searching came in the form of two dreams early in my work with dreams. Before I elaborate further on my own experience, there are several things to consider when examining the personal value of such information. Some of you may have searched for many years, as I had, to determine your purpose on this earth. Others may feel that life is fine, so are unconcerned about it. Maybe you think you have already found your purpose in life and don’t need to examine your dreams for answers. Perhaps you are happy and fulfilled in what you do. If this is your situation, I think dreams still provide a value i

More About Carl Jung, Edgar Cayce, and Dreams

In Jung’s view, humankind shared certain memories and experiences as innate patterns that are part of his (her) evolution that show up in dreams as archetypal symbols. The wise old man or woman and the animus and anima are such patterns. Carl Jung was an influential thinker whose interests encompassed philosophy, religion, and Eastern cultures. He studied dreams and created a new approach to dream interpretation with the inclusion of spiritual elements that surface as archetypal symbols. In Jung’s view, it was important for a person to integrate his conscious and unconscious minds, under control of the conscious mind, to become whole as a person. There is much in common between the philosoph

The Nature of Mind

In my book and posts on my blog, I have often used the term subconscious rather than unconscious. In psychology, three aspects of mind are recognized, although there is not universal agreement in this division. They are the conscious, subconscious, and unconscious mind. The conscious mind is what we are aware of at any given moment. If I am talking with you, I am aware of your presence and words. If I wanted to telephone you the next day, I might not be thinking of your telephone number during our conversation, but unless I have a poor memory for numbers, I can recall it when I need it. The telephone number is in my subconscious mind and includes information that I can recall if I turn my at

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