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A Worrisome Dream

The night before the Paris attacks, I had a worrisome dream. Other dreams occurred that night in which great commotion was taking place involving many people, but I could not specifically relate them to the situation in Paris. This particular dream probably does not relate to the Paris attacks either, but it causes me concern for other reasons. First, I will relate the dream. In the dream, I was in a plane that was coming in for a landing. The plane appeared to be a small commuter plane. I was walking down the aisle when a flight attendant instructed me to take my seat for landing. I couldn’t seem to locate it, and the attendant pointed to a seat next to a large, overweight man. In an instan

What do we fear?

During the summer months, I often walk at a mall in the morning for exercise. It is not busy, so I can get in a good, brisk half-hour walk. The heat and humidity make walking outside quite unpleasant here in Florida. One day this past summer, I was walking in the mall past a jewelry counter in the middle of the aisle. A young man works there who has often stopped me to inquire about my walking. As he learned about me, I made him aware of my interest in dreams. He asked me many questions, and we had some good discussions. On this particular day, he waved me over to the counter and introduced me to a young woman behind the counter. He told her I had written a book on dreams and could see the f

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