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Storms in Dreams

The presence of storms in dreams is often an indicator that something, your life, a situation or environment, has seen or will see turmoil. In my book, I describe a dream I had in the early years of my work with dreams that showed two tornadoes of different sizes hitting my place of employment. The largest tornado hit the main building, and a smaller one hit the satellite building where I worked. Within a few weeks, layoffs were announced with the largest number occurring in the main facility. The impact on the group in the satellite building was small by comparison. Of course, the turmoil was the resulting chaos in many people’s lives due to the loss of their jobs.

Other types of storms occur as well in dreams. The area where you live might suddenly become blanketed by a huge snowstorm. In this case, in your conscious life, you might feel snowed in by a mountain of problems that suddenly hits you. If in the dream, you have to do some serious shoveling to dig out or make a path to the highway, you will most likely be faced with the need to apply great effort to extricate yourself from your conscious-life situation.

The storms are not always major ones. In a dream, you might look out or walk out to find snow or rain, but not see it as a major storm. In this case, you may encounter a challenging situation or unpleasant period in your life, but you may feel it is not a major concern.

Storms in dreams can be limited to you, or they may relate to a broader group such as your coworkers, and in some cases may involve an entire geographic region or nation. I live in Florida, now in the hurricane season, so I pay particular attention to dreams involving tropical storms or hurricanes. Normally, such dreams are not literal and relate to emotional states. However, it is prudent to look at the possibility of an actual event first, and then consider other meanings.

In addition to the storm, you need to consider the environment and your relationship to the storm in your dream. Is your safety threatened in the dream? Are you in the middle of it or just an observer? What is your mood in the dream? Are there other people in the dream, and if so, how are they affected.

If everything in your life seems to be on an even keel and one night you dream that a snowstorm buries your house or a tornado destroys it, you should become very alert to the possibility of something major and devastating hitting in the near future. The type of storm that hits in the dream should be examined in relation to your thoughts and feelings about that type of storm. Is the storm in the dream your worst nightmare, the type you most fear and consider most destructive, or is it damaging but not the worst that could happen? Only you can answer that. Your dream selected a particular type of storm because of your associations with it. The dream did not just randomly select a tornado versus some other disturbance. Dreams have a purpose; they do not just randomly select symbols.

A storm in a dream can relate to an event that has occurred recently, or it can be precognitive and a warning of what is about to occur. I have experienced both types of dreams. The tornado dream related to my place of employment was precognitive, but I have also had dreams of being buried by a snowstorm after I encountered some overwhelming challenges that I had to face. As depicted in the dream, I felt like I had been buried by problems related to a personal situation.

There is an ebb and flow to life, and likewise dreams have a certain flow to them. If your house is destroyed by a tornado or you find yourself buried by a snowstorm, this does not mean the situation is permanent. Your dream is reflecting a current situation, and how you deal with it will determine the outcome. The next night you might have a dream showing a much more encouraging situation. Dream content and messages can change rapidly. Sometimes you will have a serious of dreams showing your flaws, and after that series completes you will have one that builds upon your strengths and successes and provides a more positive tone. The overall process is one of growth, provided you apply your dream guidance and make a sincere effort to bring your conscious life into harmony with your soul’s purpose.

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