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Your Appearance in Dreams

In your self-aware dreams, dreams in which you are aware that you are involved in some activity, what is your appearance? This may be an essential part of the dream. And this may provide a clue as to the message of the dream. Let’s consider some examples. These examples reflect negative conditions to be corrected. The opposite of the negative conditions in dreams would indicate that positive effects symbolized are found in your daily life.

You might dream your hair is disarray with strands sticking out in all directions. This may indicate that your thoughts are in disarray, and you should reflect on the recent state of your mind. Your thoughts are associated with your mind and mental appearance, much as your hair is associated with your head and physical appearance.

I have previously written about the appearance of your teeth in a dream, but I will repeat it here due to its common occurrence as a symbol in dreams. I can best explain this symbol with an example taken from my book. I once had a young server in a restaurant express concern about a dream she had concerning her upper front teeth. She dreamed that her teeth broke off making her appear ugly. This dream terrified her because she had expensive crowns on the teeth and feared they were about to break off. Some questioning revealed that the day before the dream she had a major argument with her boyfriend and admitted saying some ugly, hurtful things to him. The dream was the response of her higher self to her actions and appraisal of how her words made her appear to her soul.

You may dream about your eyes. If you wear glasses or contact lenses, a broken lens in the right eye could indicate that you are not seeing a situation correctly. Your right vision is impaired. Of course, if you are seeing clearly through lenses that have been cleaned, this is an indication that in your life you are seeing clearly. This type of dream could extend to a window or windshield if you are driving automobile, but here I want to focus on dreams involving personal appearance.

Next, we have the clothing you wear in a dream. Are you fully clothed? Are you neatly dressed, or are your clothes in disarray? If items of clothing are missing, what are they? What is the color of the various items of clothing? The answers to these questions begin to fill out the theme and overall message of the dream. Suppose you are naked in a dream. This probably does not mean you are an exhibitionist. A more likely scenario is that you are completely exposed in your life, usually in an emotional way. If you pour out your feelings to everyone you encounter, you might be depicted as naked in a dream. It has nothing to do with sex.

Clothing in dreams is to the physical body what values are to the spiritual body. Clothing can make us appear physically attractive and sends a message about our concern for our appearance, our consideration for how we appear to others and ourselves. The values we espouse and demonstrate reveal a spiritual appearance, regarded as clothing for the soul. Torn or dirty clothes may indicate a need to address your values and make changes that will be more acceptable to your higher self. If you are dressed up and display your best appearance in a dream, this can be a positive affirmation of your values.

The color of clothing items in a dream is very important. Colors associated with the lower chakras such as red, orange, yellow, and green could have negative connotations in a dream, but for a determination, the context would have to be examined. An example is green, which could denote healing or jealousy. The colors associated with the higher chakras such as blue, purple and, lavender are often found in spiritual dreams. If you have just purchased or put on a suit or dress that is blue, this could well mean you have chosen to pursue a spiritual path.

Shoes in a dream can be a very important symbol because shoes provide support for us when we stand or walk. If your shoes are in bad repair, your spiritual foundation needs to be examined. Color also provides an important clue. The color can tell you whether your foundation is spiritual or purely material. Clothing such as pants can also relate to a person’s foundation, since the legs support one’s body.

I have provided a few examples of dream symbols related to personal appearance and their use in a dream to convey messages. Many dream dictionaries contain hundreds of symbols along with their possible meanings. However, you cannot interpret a dream simply by looking up symbols. You have to examine your life and understand your own thoughts and the associations you have with the symbols in your dreams. They may or may not correspond to accepted meanings. I will repeat what is clearly stated by two of the best metaphysical sources on dream material. Edgar Cayce and the Seth of Jane Roberts both make clear that you must interpret your own dreams to fully benefit from them. Your dreams were created by your mind and you must do the work to decipher them. Your dreams are intimately involved with your conscious thoughts, feelings, and actions; you cannot understand your dreams unless you understand yourself.

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