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Dreams and the Fear of Death

I think today’s topic is relevant for everyone. Death is inevitable for all of us, and most people have some degree of fear or trepidation when facing it. It is not a question of intelligence with fear of death relegated to only the less intelligent. In fact, some of the most intelligent people in history have exhibited great fear at the prospect of their physical death. John Von Neumann, who many consider the greatest mathematician of the twentieth century and probably the smartest person alive in the first half of the last century, was said to be terrified of his own death when the end approached (see The most intelligent people may exhibit even gre

Dreams and Violence

Acts of violence do not just spring spontaneously from nowhere. Thoughts of attack and revenge for believed affronts often build for many years before finally finding physical expression. They come from a psyche with a dark side that reveals itself through dreams. In my books, I mention a European study in which it was found that a higher degree of violence occurred in the dreams of people in the United States compared to those of people in certain similar highly developed nations in Europe. We cannot constantly feed our minds with thoughts of violence and expect no impact. We pattern our lives through our thoughts. That is how we create. “Entertainment” in the form of movies, TV shows, and

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