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Astral Projection

Some teachers of metaphysics have said that we routinely leave our bodies during sleep. I know of occasions when I was certain I was out of body and not just having a normal dream. In one of my previous posts called Dreams and Two Aspects of Mind (1/30/2015), I gave an example of a dream involving astral travel. I have had numerous others over the years. About month ago, I had an interesting experience related to astral projection while waking up. I had read a long time ago that if we were alert and kept watch, eventually we would catch ourselves leaving or entering our bodies as we fall asleep or awaken. In my case, I was starting to wake up, not yet fully conscious, when I became aware of

Rain and More Rain

In my last post, I wrote about some severe weather in South Carolina and rainfall that broke all previous records. And now, we are seeing this happening in Texas. During the hurricane season, some areas of the US often receive large amounts of rain due to hurricanes or tropical storms, resulting in flooding and power outages. However, the amount of rain in South Carolina and Texas is not normal even for the hurricane season, and it has broken existing records. The weather experts attribute the conditions to an unusually strong El Niño, and warnings have been given that some areas of the US should expect severe weather this winter. My last dream concerning weather indicated that weather would

A Precognitive Dream About Storms Becoming Fulfilled

Today I checked the news and found the top story on CNN is about unprecedented rain and flooding in South Carolina. According to CNN, “President Barack Obama has declared an emergency in South Carolina.” If you have not read my posts or have forgotten what I wrote, I suggest you read my posts of 5/07/2015, 8/04/2015, and 8/18/2015. The first two are about South Carolina and the possible prediction of a major rain event in South Carolina, and the last one is about what we can expect concerning weather for the next 10–15 years. I don’t know if anyone in South Carolina read my posts when I published them, but clearly our dreams can help us prepare for such events. If we are wrong or things chan

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