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Invasion of Ants and Other Insects

Dreams help us maintain a sense of balance in our lives. If we become unbalanced in some way, we are likely to have dreams that reveal that condition. In the previous post, I wrote about storms in our lives when major imbalances occur. This post is about how minor problems or irritations are reflected in our dreams. If our responses to minor issues are not corrected, minor issues could become major and blowups could occur resulting in stressful upsets or confrontation with others.

We all go through mental cycles and experience both highs and lows. Sometimes we can deal with the most difficult problems and still feel cheerful and in control. Other times, we become irritated by even small problems even though they will not have any lasting effect. One way to recognize when we are becoming overly affected by small issues is through our dreams. In our conscious state, we may not recognize when we are being unduly sharp with family and friends. They may be left wondering why we are so easily irritated, and we think we are just being our normal selves.

Dreams about insects are one way that minor irritations are reflected in our dreams. If you feel aggravated by small problems, you may well dream that your house is being invaded by ants or other small insects. The room affected should provide a clue about the issues involved. If you find the ant invasion in the kitchen, the irritations you have been experiencing most likely relate to food in some way, perhaps frustration with the results of a diet or unhappiness over how some meal turned out. Of course, you should first consider the possibility that carelessness regarding food cleanup and storage is the cause of the ant invasion. Also, consider the degree of the infestation. Is the room filled with ants, or do you just see a few ants starting to emerge. This could indicate whether the problem is in full swing or just starting to emerge.

The ants might be oversized in your dream, which could indicate you are making something a bigger problem than it actually is. To understand your dream, you need to reflect carefully on your mental state when the dream occurred. The dream most likely relates to recent events. By recognizing what you are doing with your thoughts, you can make changes and once again assume control.

Sometimes the invading insects are bees or other flying insects that can sting or bite. This may suggest that your irritations have a sting to them and not just a nuisance. You may have felt stung by someone’s words or actions. The effect is not life threatening, but does cause a degree of discomfort. There are many possibilities or variations for your dreams. You must examine your conscious mind to identify the associations you have with the particular insect.

Perhaps the insect is a cockroach, an insect you may consider highly undesirable. They are certainly prevalent where I live in Florida and considered very objectionable by most people. You might associate them with filth, and their occurrence in a dream may mean that something you regard as filthy, dirty, or unwanted is creeping into your life.

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