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Tampa Bay


I plan to schedule some events in the Tampa Bay area for this summer. Also, I am available as a speaker for small groups who want to hear more about my experiences with meditiation and dreams. I have recently been visited independent bookstores in Tampa Bay to get them to carry my book.




9/08/2014 Radio Interviews 


Last Friday, I was interviewed about my book The Man Who Sees Tomorrow in His Dreams on KBYR-AM700 in Anchorage. This Thursday, September 11, I will be a guest on KFUN-AM in Las Vegas at 9:05 mountain time.


10/20/2014 More Radio Interviews
On September 29, I was interviewed on the Marilu Henner show, and on October 10, I was interviewed on WGSO 990 AM New Orleans. The WGSO interview was one of the better ones in terms of the questions asked.



9/12/2016 New Book
My second book, The Inner Guru: Dreams Reveal Your Future, will be available next month. This book is a condensation of my over forty years of dream work. It is organized like a traditional dream book, but this book is both spiritual and personal in its approach to dreams. And it treats the paranormal aspects of dreams as a reality rather than a subject ot be debated. The Inner Guru differs from other dream books my showing what is both possible and has been accomplished through dream guidance by using examples from my own life.


5/24/2017 Third Book Available
My third book, A Prophetic Dreamer's Reflections on Life, is now available as a paperback on This book is a collection of short essays on various aspects of daily life. For more information, see the page labeled BOOKS. The Kindle version will be available within two weeks and the paperback version will be avaialble through bookstores and other online retailers within two months.
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