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My latest book, The Inner Guru: Dreams Reveal Your Future, is now available on as a Kindle book. The print version should be available in a few weeks. In The Inner Guru: Dreams Reveal Your Future, I greatly expand on my experience with dreams. This book treats dreams by category with unique insights provided and supported by concrete examples from my own life. Many new dream examples are given, including some prophetic dreams, which are not included in his earlier work. Also, throughout this book I have included exercises that will help the reader make the concepts personal and experience the power of dreams in his or her own life.

The Real Power of Dreams

Many people would like to know the following: How can I get rich fast or how can I find the perfect job or partner? So when they hear that dreams can provide guidance for their lives, these are often the first questions that they ask. I do not promise instant riches or an easy path to the ideal job or partner. I do not have answers for those with the fast-food mentality. However, I do have answers for those both willing to change and willing do some work. I spend considerable effort in my books and posts to show someone the operation and value of dream guidance through numerous examples. I provide a path forward to help you unlock the power of your dreams. My focus is spiritual in nature, bu

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