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Current and Future Plans

Recently, I have reviewed my posts of this past year and found I have covered the main topics concerning dreams. I have collected all my posts in the form of a book with posts categorized by major topic. This collection provides my views and experience with a wide variety of subjects. This is not the end of my posts, but they will be less frequent in the near future. If I have an interesting dream or something to say regarding some topic related to dreams, I will still create a post and send out a notification as a tweet. But I am no longer trying to publish two posts a week as before. My intent is to publish my posts through July of this year as a book with the following chapter headings or

Remembering Dreams and Improving Memory

This morning I was reminded of the frustration that can result from the inability to remember a dream that was once very clear. Yesterday, I took a nap in the afternoon and remembered two dreams upon awakening. The second one seemed more important, so I focused on its possible meaning. After that, I dismissed it, certain I could later recall it when I was ready to record my dreams. This morning I recorded my dreams from last night and intended to include the two dreams from my nap. I easily recalled the first dream, but I drew a blank for the second one. For a brief moment, I found it frustrating because I was certain I would have no trouble remembering it. If you find yourself in this situa

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