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During my years with Kodak, I made many trips to Europe and thoroughly enjoyed visiting some of the countries and seeing sites that are an important part of history.


In Paris, I don't think I ever had a bad meal. I still think about one of the restaurants I visited several times. I also had a fantastic meal in Italy in the town of Reggio Emilia. 


One weekend, I stayed in London and did my sightseeing on a double-decker bus. I had a great view of everything, but it was quite chilly since the top level was open.


I did a lot of trade-show duty in Germany at the famous Drupa print show. The trains were great and I found getting around was quite easy. In Hannover, I was a visitor at a trade show and three of us stayed with a German family that rented out rooms for entra income. It was a memorable experience trying to help a thirteen-year-old German girl with her English.

For ordering my books from Amazon, I have included links for several of the countries. This is provided on a subpage to this one. Just click the Euope tab and you will see the tab for ordering. 

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