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What Climate Change Will Mean

This post contains my thoughts about what climate change will mean to us. My dreams have shown a challenging situation that will worsen for most of the remainder of this decade. My thoughts about what this will mean are not from my dreams; they are the result of my conscious reflections on the likely consequences of climate change. I continuously monitor my dreams for any new insights. As they occur, I will post them on this blog.

Some politicians believe they can keep fossil fuels and remove the greenhouse gases to make them safe. I fear that by the time that happens we will all be gone. Maybe they know something I am unaware of. So far, I see little evidence of that happening. Research is being done in this area, but many question that it will supply the reductions in CO2 and methane we need to avoid catastrophe.

President Biden wants a 50% reduction in greenhouse gases by 2030. And based on the current pace of efforts, that is probably very aggressive. Unfortunately, I don’t think we have until 2030. I think it will be a different world by 2030 and the major effects of global warming will already have occurred. We are already seeing dramatic, even catastrophic, temperature changes in some areas, and we are only in the year 2021.

Behind the scenes, I hope that the government is preparing a plan for mass relocation of people because that is what we are facing. Many areas will not be inhabitable. It is likely that every part of the country and world will be affected in some way. Already, some people are looking for a new place to live to avoid the heat or storms. And they are struggling to find places where they can be certain they will not experience the effects of global warming. Many are still in denial that global warming will have any significant impact on their lives.

The Federal Reserve believes that the inflation we are seeing is temporary. I don’t believe they have fully factored in the effects of global warming. Food prices are increasing, and some states are reporting big decreases in crop yields because of the drought conditions. If you want to get a picture of the effect on prices, go to Yahoo Finance or CNBC and look at the symbols CORN or WEAT. They are funds that deal in futures for those crops, and you can see the trajectory for prices. If you want to see the effect of climate change on water, look at American Water Works (AWK) for the last five years. This company provides water and wastewater services for the United States.

If California becomes a dust bowl as my dream of 6/25/2021 implied, we will see an enormous impact on food prices. And California is not the only state being affected. Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, and some midwestern states are already experiencing problems with drought. Scientists are saying it will get worse, so what does that mean for food prices and inflation? I think the answer is obvious; food prices will go up and inflation will not be transitory, at least for essentials such as food. The Federal Reserve may be forced into raising interest rates in a slowing economy. Or we will see price controls.

In the past few weeks, we are seeing an uptick in earthquakes and volcanic eruptions—three in Alaska alone. Watch for reports of further activity. I believe that an increase in activity will portend major changes. In my books, I describe a dream I had early in my teenage years that showed me the course of my life. In my later years in the dream, I saw major Earth changes that included volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. People were in a complete state of panic. I was urging them to pray to God for help.

We have repeatedly seen that despite good intentions the government is very limited in its ability to respond to major disasters. Weeks or months can go by without help. Right after Katrina struck New Orleans, we all watched as FEMA was unable to get water to people in the Superdome for five days. If we experience major upheavals from Earth changes because of global warming and other activity such as earthquakes, you are likely to be on your own for some time. Now is the time to learn how to contact that source of strength within you where fear does not exist. If you wait until a disaster occurs, you are likely to be numb from fear and meditation will be impossible. Things can unravel very quickly as we are now seeing with the latest surge in COVID-19; what you and others think cannot happen may not be the case.

The person who can remain serene and composed in the time of crisis is one who has faith and knows how to turn within for guidance. You are not likely to suddenly develop faith when things are collapsing around you. It is something you must have already developed through daily application in your life. Those who have based their sense of worth on material possessions will have a difficult time. They may see them evaporate in an instant.

If the United States has widespread power outages and food shortages, I expect to see food and fuel rationing, price controls, and many other restrictions. Those who are wealthy on paper with stock and property holdings might suddenly find them worthless. We might not even have a stock market as we know it today.

Some will seek a place in the country away from cities. They may even turn to weapons and plan to defend their family and possessions to the death. This is the wrong approach. While it may be a good idea to move to a rural area, the taking of lives is wrong and thinking that you can separate yourself from the rest of humanity is an illusion. We are all united at the most fundamental level and must work together if we are to survive. Perhaps climate change will provide the impetus for people to finally begin to cooperate to deal with a challenge to our very existence.

The differences that separate Democrats and Republicans may disappear when we are forced to focus all our efforts on the survival of the nation. Maybe this is our last great challenge. Will we come together to face the challenge of climate change as one, or will we still be divided with our efforts diluted and even in opposition? Time is running out for this decision. We must come together quickly, or we will surely break apart as a nation.


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