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Life without Unnecessary Fear

Is your life free of fear? And by fear, I mean that unpleasant, and sometimes disabling, emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is going to cause you discomfort or pain. I think most people want to feel good, and they want to avoid distress. Of course, the person or thing causing the fear may not be a real threat. Nevertheless, if you think it is a threat, that thought may be enough to induce a sense of fear. The mind and body will respond to imagined threats as well as real threats. I think few of us will claim that we have never been afraid. Sometimes fear is a good thing because it causes the body to marshal its reserves to thwart the threat in the best way possible. If yo

Fighting the Current

Going with the flow is not always the best advice, especially if the flow is moving in a way that is destructive or immoral. The majority is not always right, as we saw in Germany leading up to and during World War II. Adolph Hitler enjoyed the broad support of the German people, but they were misguided. It often requires great courage to take a position that is counter to the flow of events and in opposition to the majority. Some courageous individuals in Germany paid for their opposition to Hitler with their lives. However, the flow, especially as it pertains to your individual life, may be a different matter. Many people spend their lives bucking the current that is trying to take them in

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