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Climate and Weather Changes

On August 17, 2015, I had a dream about Edgar Cayce and climate change that is described in my book The Inner Guru, and was previously posted on this blog. I will summarize it here. In the dream, I was viewing a large vertical panel that contained a chart of some kind describing distinct periods in the history of the Earth. There was also some mention of Edgar Cayce and his prophecies concerning Earth changes. My attention focused on what was labeled Period 6 (not a Cayce term). This period was concerned with the present and near future. An inner voice told me that the weather would get much worse during the next ten to fifteen years. It said that some current landmasses would be under water

Food Shortages in China

In my book The Inner Guru and previously on my blog, I described a dream I had on April 19, 2015, concerning China. In the dream, I was talking with the President of China, and he pointed to a place on a map of China where he said food shortages would begin in three years. For my dream to be prophetic, some evidence of food shortages should have occurred last year. In fact, this was the case. I started reading reports of an epidemic of African swine fever sweeping through the pigs in China, which reportedly began in August of 2018, but may have started even earlier. China is the largest producer and consumer of pork of any country in the world. Pork makes up more than fifty percent of the Ch

About Dreams

I have recently reviewed a large number of dreams posted on a website by people seeking the meaning of their dreams. I have been struck by several things. First, there is enormous diversity in the dreams that are posted. The second thing is that many of the people provide the barest of details about the dream and provide little or no information about their lives, but expect someone to provide an interpretation. The third thing is that from the comments posted along with the dreams it is clear that many of those who posted the dreams do not understand the source of the dreams. They don’t realize that the dreams relate to their thoughts, beliefs, and actions in their daily lives. I have been

Contact Information

I have posted contact information various places. On this website you can fill out a form for an email that will be forwarded to me by the website—point to BIO and then click on CONTACTS. If you have questions, I will do my best to respond. However, I cannot interpret a dream for you. In previous posts and in my books, I make it very clear that the dreamer must learn to interpret his or her own dreams. Dream symbols have meanings that are unique to the dreamer, and their complete meaning cannot be deciphered by another. However, I can suggest things to look for or consider when trying interpreting a dream. Many dreams have common themes, and an understanding of th

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