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The Real Power of Dreams

Many people would like to know the following: How can I get rich fast or how can I find the perfect job or partner? So when they hear that dreams can provide guidance for their lives, these are often the first questions that they ask.

I do not promise instant riches or an easy path to the ideal job or partner. I do not have answers for those with the fast-food mentality. However, I do have answers for those both willing to change and willing do some work.

I spend considerable effort in my books and posts to show someone the operation and value of dream guidance through numerous examples. I provide a path forward to help you unlock the power of your dreams. My focus is spiritual in nature, but financial help and the road to a better job or the right partner may be provided to someone with those concerns. However, the answers often require time to materialize, and the seeker must do the work required to understand and apply the guidance from his or her dreams. And sometimes the guidance may take the seeker in a completely unexpected direction.

Answers for our problems are usually not hidden; they are hidden to us because we have blind spots and often cannot see what is right in front of us. The dreams occur to remind us of what we are overlooking and help focus our attention.

The person seeking the right partner may already know the person but just never looked at the person in that way before. And the right job may also be close by, but may involve a different way of looking at a particular opportunity.

However, sometimes great effort is required to get a better job. If the job seeker needs more education, that may be the message in one or more dreams. The education process may take several years, so results are not instantaneous. But without the effort, in several years the person will still wonder why he or she can't get a better job.

I think everyone would like to be warned of an impending natural disaster like an earthquake or flood. And a disaster such as a crash in the stock market may be equally important to many. Dreams can and do provide such warnings, but dreams of this type represent a small percentage of all your dreams.

Edgar Cayce is often depicted as a twentieth-century prophet with the focus on his predictions of "earth changes." Those readings actually represent a small percentage, or less than .15 percent, of his more than 14,000 readings (see Contemporary Cayce by Kevin J. Todeschi and Henry Reed). Thousands of people benefited from his heath readings, and in some cases, their lives were saved by the readings. Helping people was the real focus of the readings.

Likewise, your dreams occur for your benefit. The real focus of your dreams is the restoration of your wholeness, so dreams of "earth changes" are likely to be small in number. Do not only focus on the few dramatic dreams of this type and assume everything else is fine. The real power of your dreams is found in guidance for your daily concerns, often dealing with issues of not much importance to others.

The daily guidance from your dreams tries to keep your life in balance and help you recognize and focus on worthy activities. The guidance helps keep your life growing and evolving in a positive way so you can fulfill your soul’s destiny.

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