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The Digital Age

I think most of us are aware of the tremendous impact the digital age has had on our daily lives. The digital technology and sharing of data has brought us many benefits. Things that were once considered impossible now have become routine. We can reach family members and friends immediately by calling them on their mobile phone. We can capture and share high-resolution images in an instant. The experiences of family and friends are available in real time through video, and we have access to an incredible inventory of movies, sports programs, and documentaries. However, with any technological advance, negative aspects can surface. We now find our lives are intruded upon more than ever before.

Dream about Fake Intent

On January 23, I had the following brief dream. I saw two large groups of soldiers come together in some kind of truce. One group was Asian, which could have been Chinese or Korean, and the other was White. The truce was initiated by the Asian group, which acted friendly and espoused a desire for peace. Suddenly, the Asians, who had feigned peace, began to attack and slaughter nearly all of the Whites. I find it interesting that this dream occurred right before the big initiative by North Korea proclaiming a desire for peace with South Korea and a desire to show a United Korea at the Olympics. While better relations between North and South Korea may be constructive, I don’t think a dictators

Dream of Food Shortages

On April 19, 2015, I had the following brief dream. I dreamed I was talking with the leader of China. He said that in three years they were going to have a difficult time with food shortages. I saw a map of China, and he identified a spot where I took him to mean the problem would start. He didn't give the cause of the food shortages. This dream was posted in May of 2015. I mention it again because we are approaching the three-year mark. I have several new items I am preparing to post. The first is a dream that I think relates to the current appearance of friendship on the part of North Korea. I say appearance because my dream suggests it is not real. The second post is about the digital age

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