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An Interesting Dream about Politics

Last night I dreamed about preparing for a test on Roman history along with a large group of other students. The focus was on Julius Caesar, who was assassinated by members of the Roman Senate. I was cramming for the test, trying to understand the events that led to Caesar’s death. Eventually I entered a classroom to take the test. I find the dream interesting with all of the political drama that is currently taking place in Washington. I don’t know that the dream is precognitive, but if it is, it could be indicating that President Trump’s supporters in the US Senate will eventually turn on him, just as Caesar’s friends in the Roman Senate turned on him. In Trump’s case, the assignation woul

Monitoring Your Health Through Your Dreams

On 3/25/2019, I posted an item titled Health Advice from Dreams. Because of the importance of our dreams in relation to our health, I continue my thoughts on the subject in this post. Also, I recently had a dream that reminded me of the ability of my dreams to provide concrete guidance concerning my health. Recent surveys have indicated that health care will be one of the major concerns of Americans for the next presidential election. An enormous amount of money is spent on health care in this country each year. Yet the results are disappointing, with the quality and effectiveness of health care in the United States far down the list compared to many other countries. We spend more and get le

Dreams as a Mirror of Your Inner Self

In my books and in my posts on this blog, I have attributed many benefits to the study of one’s dreams. However, the fact is that most people that I encounter have virtually no understanding of dreams. They do not know even the basic facts that scientists have documented, which includes the fact that everyone dreams many times during the night’s sleep cycles. Over my lifetime, I have seen numerous books published about dreams and authors of those books have appeared on national talk shows. But among the public knowledge about dreams still seems to be very sparse. I believe that many people have had one or more dreams that they recall, and want to know the meaning of a particular dream. But t

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