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The Man Who Sees Tomorrow in HIs Dreams is my story of how I received guidance from dreams that improved all aspects of my life over a period of more than forty years. I describe how my dreams led me to a more satisfying career, improved health, financial security, spiritual awareness, and eventually allowed me to see a preview of the next day’s significant events each night while asleep. In addition to this book, I have published a book about dreams and a book that is a collection of short essays about aspects of daily living. All three books are described below along with images of the front covers.






The Man Who Sees Tomorrow in His Dreams

The Man Who Sees Tomorrow in His Dreams is a personal memoir of how my dreams guided my life for over forty years.

As you face your daily struggles, do you often think

there must be a better way?

Do you wish you could receive a message telling you

what your true purpose is in life?

Would you like to receive concrete guidance for improving all aspects of your life?


The Man Who Sees Tomorrow in His Dreams is the story of how I tapped into the personal guidance of my inner self through meditation and dreams. This book is a practical approach to the value of dreaming and what can be accomplished while living and working in the everyday world. I describe how my dreams provided guidance that led me to a more satisfying career, improved health, financial security and eventually allowed me to see a preview of the next day’s significant events each night while asleep. I began to live each day twice—once in my dreams and again during the waking hours. My dreams became a part of my daily life and allowed me to achieve the potential suggested by many other authors, but seldom realized in daily life.


In The Man Who Sees Tomorrow in His Dreams, I tell my story and share the simple process that I followed to help change my life and become a prophetic dreamer. By using that process as an easy-to-follow guide, you can also potentially:


• learn the truth behind precognitive dreams and the nature of prophecy;
• find your soul’s purpose;
• break bad habits and replace them with positive, life-affirming actions;
• improve your health, career, and finances; and
• live a more expansive life with a deeper awareness of people and experiences

From Kirkus Indie Review:

"Readers of spiritual and self-help books will appreciate how Desautels frankly says that his dreams only point the way to action; in dreams regarding his diet or exercise routines, for example, he notes that the actual waking-world work is all up to him. This practical turn makes the book consistently rewarding.

The intriguing story of how one man harnessed his dreams and changed his life.”

The Man Who Sees Tomorrow in His Dreams is available on both as a paperback and a Kindle file. As a paperback, it can also be purchased through major distribution channels and independent book sellers.







The Man Who Sees Tomorrow in His Dreams

A Precognitive Dream?


Last night I dreamed I was cooking an egg for a man who was once the president of the company that employed me. He was known as being rigid in his expectation that all employees adhere to established rules. I stared at the yellow yolk and noticed it was sticking to the pan. He also noticed it and said I let it cook too long. I tried to scrape it from the pan without much success. That was the end of the dream.


What does it mean? You might well ask, at this point, what that dream has to do with anything, let alone a preview of the future. Well, the next day was Saturday, and I drove to an organic grocery store where I purchase certain items each week. On the way, I reached a major intersection with red light cameras. I always move into the left turn lane and wait for the turn signal, but for some reason I acted differently this time. It wasn't busy, the light was green, and I only had to wait for one car coming from the other direction to pass. However, upon reaching the light the other driver stopped as it turned yellow. I had to be certain the driver wasn't going to continue through before turning. I was stuck in the intersection with the light on yellow, but it turned red just as I turned. I waited too long stuck with the light on yellow. If this dream was a preview of the next day, the time of night when I had this dream suggested an event that the dream symbolized would occur around mid-day, and one certainly did. Was this coincidence or precognition? The answer can be found in my book.





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The Inner Guru: Dreams Reveal Your Future

In my second book, The Inner Guru: Dreams Reveal Your Future, I greatly expand on my experience with dreams. This book treats dreams by category with unique insights provided and supported by concrete examples from my own life. Many new dream examples are given, including some prophetic dreams, which are not included in my earlier work.


You can benefit greatly from your dreams. They can help you solve any problem, guide your daily life, reveal the future, and open you up to unlimited opportunities. In this book, I show you how I utilized my dreams for the betterment of every aspect of my life: physical, mental, and spiritual. I show by concrete example how I saw the future in my dreams.


My approach to dreams is different from most dream books. The approach is both spiritual and personal, with the presence of paranormal abilities in dreams presented as a reality rather than a possibility to be debated. This book is about what is possible through dreams; it is about what I have done and experienced in my own life. Almost all of the examples in this book are taken from my own dreams. This adds a personal aspect not found in most other dream books.


My purpose is to show the tremendous potential of dreams, and by concrete example, how they can be utilized by you if you are willing to make a sincere effort to improve your life. I show how an ordinary person can make dream guidance a part of daily life.


If you are open to the truth, to see your real self in this life, this book is for you. Through dreams, you can see the possibilities for the future. Build the future your soul desires. Create real wealth through positive relationships and by discovering your true talents. Find your real purpose in life.


Edgar Cayce, the famous twentieth-century seer, said many things about dreams during his trance readings. But he said one thing in particular that started me on my personal journey. He said that every significant event in our lives is “foreshadowed” in a dream. I took Cayce’s claim seriously and put it to the test. This book is a condensation of what I found in over forty years of working with my dreams. The potential of dreams is unlimited; only your own desire to unlock the secrets of your dreams may be limited.

My latest book, A Prophetic Dreamer's Reflections on Life, is a collection of short essays about various aspects of life. I reflect back on my life and comment on a number of topics that are relevant for most people facing a complex, modern society. I am now in my golden years, and these are my thoughts after a lifetime of study and observation. Although this is not a book about dreams, I often propose using guidance from dreams as a way out of the dilemmas many people face in their daily existence. The topics covered include the following: belief and reality, science and metaphysics, personal responsibility, the inner voice, the search for truth, true aloneness, following the crowd, dreams and reality, introspection and freedom, healing, faith, and many others.

A Prophetic Dreamer's Reflections on Life

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