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The Man Who Sees Tomorrow in His Dreams

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Every day, we are confronted with questions we must answer and decisions we must make. And sometimes the results determine the future course of our lives. As concrete examples:


Should I date this individual?

Should I separate from this person?

Why do I keep dating such losers?

How do I find a job?

How do I pay my bills?

Is this the right job for me?

Is that job offer from another company something I should acccept?

Does this person have my best interest at heart?

How can I break that habit?

Why don't I feel well?

How can I get better?

Is this person the right doctor for me?

Is my child telling me the truth?

Why don't people like me?

Do I have talents I am not using?

Am I getting enough exercise?

Are these foods good for me?

Why am I not happy?

Are my friends positive influences?

Why am I here?


These are the kind of real-world problems I address in my books as I sought solutions in my own life. The answers are there, if you know where and how to look. If you feel unfulfilled and life is not living up to your expectations, discover how I addressed my state of unhappiness early in my career through meditation and working with my dreams.











I am a man of dreams—both the metaphorical and the prophetic. I also am a man who worked for many years in the corporate world dealing with all its issues and pressures. A Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of Vermont with a master’s degree in mathematics from The Ohio State University, I spent more than thirty years with the Eastman Kodak Company, serving in managerial positions. I was responsible for the development and implementation of complex software applications and workflow solutions for variable data printing in the Dayton operation.


In Florida, I was first introduced to the metaphysical concepts of Edgar Cayce prior to launching my career at Kodak. As I began practicing meditation and studying my own dreams, the everyday application of what I learned was as important to me as the philosophy. I learned how to use my dreams as guides to build a better future for myself and the people around me.


Now retired from Kodak, I live in Largo, Florida, where I write and continue to study spirituality.





Personal Thoughts


The Man Who Sees Tomorrow in His Dreams has gone through many revisions over the years. I finally decided that I would focus on my story and tell readers how I was able to incorporate dreams into my daily life. As a result, I have left out considerable material that relates to the science surrounding the topic of dreams and the paranormal. In one earlier version of the book, the second half of the book addressed some of the scientific theories concerning concepts of the mind and how holographic models could explain the phenomena encountered in dreams. I personally think some of the recent models proposed to explain precognition and clairvoyance are fascinating, but they are not essential to understanding what dreams mean and their benefits. So I have tried to keep my book understandable by someone who does not have a background in science.


My dreams are as much a part of my life as eating, working and performing normal daily chores. In fact, some nights I have such a busy dream time I am relieved to wake up so I can rest. We are by no means inactive during the hours of dreaming, particularly during REM sleep when the strongest dreams occur. And dreams are not inconsequential or insignificant. They are essential to our health and, and as I discovered, provide the material from which the next day springs. For those who want to better understand their lives and why things happen the way they do, I suggest the answers are found in our dreams.


I do not claim originality in discovering something previously unknown. Prophecy from dreams dates back to the Old Testament, and dreaming was recognized even earlier. What I do claim is that I have experienced and continue to experience the potential claimed by Edgar Cayce and others. I have integrated dreams into my life so they are part of my work, health and spiritual life. This does not mean that I am in some completed state, but it does mean that I have found important tools and resources to aid me as I traverse my path in this life. I am now reconnected to my subconscious and can operate as a whole person rather than as a fragment we call the ego.


Recent Activities


My second book, The Inner Guru, expands upon the material in The Man Who Sees Tomorrow in My Dreams. The book is based on posts to my blog over a period of nearly two years. As such, some of the dreams provided as examples are quite recent. In a few cases, they deal with national and global events, some of which have already transpired. 

My third book, A Prophetic Dreamer's Reflections on Life, is a collection of short essays on various aspects of life. This book is not about dreams, but it does offer dreams as a way out of the dilemmas that many people face in their daily lives.




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