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Why We Have Dreams about the Future

I am going to focus in this post on why we have dreams that relate to the future. They may be dreams about some person we meet in the future, an illness not yet visible, an opportunity not yet seen, or a global event such as climate change. First, I want to repeat something I stated in an earlier post, which is the relative infrequency of dreams of global events. Most of our dreams relate to our personal lives in some way and do not extend beyond the sphere of family, friends, and coworkers. Very few of the psychic readings of the even famous psychic Edgar Cayce, who is often regarded as a prophet, related to global events. Most related to the individual for whom the reading was given. I bel

Precognitive Dreams and Time

In precognitive dreams, time can be an elusive element. If you dream about something happening as a future event, often no date for the occurrence is provided. However, sometimes a specific time may be provided such as when a voice says something like the following: this will happen in thirty days or by the end of the month. The event can also be linked to another event, and the event of concern may occur shortly after the other event occurs. The lack of a predicted time can be a frustrating thing to experience. I have had dreams where a specific date was provided for the predicted event, and I have had dreams in which no date was provided for the predicted event. Once I dreamed a health-rel

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