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Dreams, Beliefs, and Climate Change

Do Americans believe in climate change? The answer appears to be no, at least not enough to think it will have a significant impact on their lives. I am not a fan of CNN, but the article is worth reading. My son is a real-estate broker, and we follow the housing trends closely. People are buying houses in areas that are at great risk. They may believe in climate change because of global warming, but the majority do not appear to consider that as a factor when choosing where to live.

For more than fifty years, I have had dreams about massive changes to weather and the topography of the Earth. I have not always been given a time frame, but by piecing together my dreams, I have concluded that we are in a decade of great change. And my dreams are consistent with the revelations received by others. Obviously, most people do not believe that great changes will occur and affect their lives. However, some are beginning to worry about climate change, and they have sought different locations for their future. But they are beginning to realize that the changes are not localized and finding a safe, desirable place may be difficult.

What people believe—even the majority—may not be true. When the pandemic started, many people thought it was not serious and took few precautions. Now we have over six hundred thousand dead, and some of the survivors will have serious health problems the remainder of their lives. I think that few people saw the world still struggling with a disease more than eighteen months after its first appearance in the United States. And fewer still had any idea of just how rapidly it would spread.

Climate change is accelerating. Every time a new scientific assessment is made, the time frame to catastrophe shrinks. You may feel relatively helpless to do much about it. However, one thing you can do is to turn within to find your own role during this time of change. Where should you live and what should you be doing? What contribution can you make to help humanity? This is not an idol challenge. Sometimes one person can change the entire course of history. Look at the impact a teenage Swedish girl Greta Thunberg has had. She refused to be silent and do nothing.

I am not suggesting that you need to become an environmental activist. But I am suggesting you may have a greater role than you realize, and it may be one you are not consciously aware of. Turn within and begin to record and interpret your dreams. Your unconscious mind has been trying to talk to you your entire life. Sometimes you may have a feel or intuition about something; this is your unconscious trying to bring something to your conscious awareness. Every night it responds to your daily thoughts and activities; pay attention to that feedback so you may become whole.

Great changes from global warming, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes can occur suddenly with little warning. If you are in the wrong place when they occur, relocating may mean giving up everything to save your life and the lives of your family members. I was in Florida when hurricane Irma hit in 2017. The track for the hurricane changed several times and the final one did not become clear until right before it hit. Thousands of people from South Florida tried to escape the storm and flooded the Interstate. Gas stations ran out of gas and people were stranded in their cars. It was chaos.

Look at the evacuations in Afghanistan to get an idea of the chaos involved in trying to evacuate tens of thousands of people in a short period. What if the number was in the millions? Climate change is real and is happening now with acceleration in temperature changes and effects on the delicate balances in the jet stream and global currents. And yet people are moving to the very areas at greatest risk. People still do not believe science, which has warned people for several decades about climate change and the impact on coastal regions.

God is not responsible for the problems we face with climate change. Humans are responsible, and humans will pay the price because we meet what we have created. If you want to see what you have created in your personal life, pay attention to your dreams. They will show you the future you are building, as well as situations beyond your control.

Prior to the landfall of hurricane Irma, I had a dream showing that a storm of enormous magnitude was going to hit Florida. It was all encompassing and there was no avoiding it. Irma did manage to engulf the entire state of Florida. Fortunately, I was not on the coast and live in an area that is relatively safe, but I was still affected by a power outage for four days.

Your conscious mind can only hold a limited amount of information. It operates based on the picture the senses give it of its surroundings, and the beliefs it has formed during its existence. Its lens captures a narrow part of reality. Even for the corporeal world, it only captures a portion of what exists. Your eyesight is tuned to a tiny portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, and your ears to a small part of the sound spectrum. Some animals see and hear far better than humans. And from a trip to Colorado, I learned that bears could smell food five miles away, so great care was required with garbage.

Most of the time, we are unaware of the unconscious mind. But it is like the iceberg with the conscious mind the portion above water, while the greater amount is below the surface. Do not limit your life to that small, but critical part, that is your conscious mind. A great engine lies beneath surface consciousness that can solve your every problem and guide you in ways you may never have imagined.

The world is out of time. Climate change is happening now, and the effects are getting worse. Don’t wait until you are out of time in your personal life before you begin to search for answers within. The ability to meditate and work with your dreams takes time to master. When interpreting your dreams, you are learning a new language—the language of your subconscious mind. You will not instantly become an expert, so don’t wait until you are in a crisis to begin.


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