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Dreams—The Ultimate Feedback Mechanism

How would you like to have accurate feedback for the state of your health and for every important decision you make in your life? Often, we find ourselves in a quandary: Did I do the right thing? It may be about a job offer, the choosing of a partner, the selection of a doctor, a major purchase, or any one of several other things that are important to our happiness and wellbeing.

I have often heard women expressing their frustrations to friends about their choice of a boyfriend or partner. A common refrain is the plea: Why do I always choose such losers? Obviously, there is a problem with their decision making. Maybe they are just too trusting and don’t recognize the real intent of the other person. Regardless of the reason for their plight, I think there is an answer for their problem.

Nature has provided a mechanism for evaluating our conscious decisions. A deeper level of consciousness is always watching and evaluating everything we think, do, and every decision we make. It is a natural process that is there to help us maintain balance in our lives and fulfill our purpose on this Earth. It seeks to guide us to a life of balance and harmony so we may be complete.

The mechanism I am referring to is the dream state. Every night our dreams provide feedback on the day’s activities and provide guidance so we may have a better life. It cost nothing; it functions whether we pay attention to its messages or completely ignore them. It is an inner guru that is always there for guidance and advice. However, I issue a caveat here. The help you receive is not necessarily in the form your conscious mind wants, and you cannot use the dreams for selfish purposes without consequences.

Many believe that after our deaths, we will experience a review of our lives and be judged accordingly based on how we have lived. Some have likened dreams to a daily review by your soul of how you have done that day. You cannot fool the unconscious mind; it knows your every thought and intent.

If this inner guru has this power, you may well ask why everyone isn’t using this all-knowing advisor. In my books, I go into detail about all the reasons that dreams are mostly ignored. For this post, I list the key reasons: fear, laziness, and unawareness.

If you could know your future, would you want to? I believe most people really do not want to know. They especially don’t want to know how their daily activities are judged. They don’t want to see themselves objectively; they would prefer to keep whatever illusion they have about themselves. And some are terrified of what they may see and what the future may bring. They would rather not know.

Some people are just too lazy to spend the time recording their dreams and learning to interpret them. They may believe that dreams do contain valuable messages, but they just never get around to investigating them. They tell themselves that is for another day.

Finally, I think most people just don’t know anything about dreams. They think that for the most part they are just some meaningless constructions of the mind while they sleep. Few are taught anything about dreams, and science is still undecided about the purpose of dreams. So, the general population has no idea that the answers they desperate seek already lie within themselves.

The reason I authored my books on dreams was to do my part to correct the lack of awareness about dreams. Everything I say you can through your dreams I have done in my own life. In my book The Inner Guru, I present examples from my own life to show how my dreams have helped me in every aspect of my life. Some authors of dream books provide numerous examples of dreams various people have had to illustrate their points, but you learn little about the role they have in the author’s life. I decided to make it more personal and show that I have done everything I claimed you can do through your dreams. By taking this approach, the reader can see how to apply them in totality to their own lives.

You are not alone without help; the help is always present. You just need to learn the language the inner source of help uses to communicate with you. The source is within you and has your best interests as its purpose. It is a part of you, but not one limited by the physical and consumed by its demands of this world. It can see beyond all the pettiness and silliness that often engulfs you; it is your inner guru. It is your spiritual advisor and practical guide to a better life.

As a final caveat, the quality of our dreams is affected by our purpose. If you seek to live a better life, you will receive help. If you have selfish and petty motives, you may find your dreams of little benefit. If your dreams are just meaningless muddles, that may be because that is the state of your conscious mind. Dreams occur at various levels in the unconscious. To reach the level of spiritual awareness and guidance, your purpose must reflect that desire.


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