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A Dream of an Attack in Chicago

During the early morning hours on Easter Sunday, I had the following dream. I was on the phone when someone walked into the room and said, “Get off the phone. We are at war.” I followed him into another room where the TV was on. A newscaster said the IBM building in Chicago had been hit. While it was collapsing, the newscaster bemoaned its destruction and talked about the difficulty of watching it sink into a pile of rubble. Now I am not prophesying that we are going to see another 9/11 unfold in Chicago, although that is a possibility. On Easter Sunday I was house sitting for my son and I decided to watch a movie in the afternoon. In the beginning of the movie, the main character was watchi

Our Activities During Dreams

When we dream, our minds can be extremely active. And sometimes we may not be totally in our body while we sleep and dream. We can astral project and encounter events that are out of our conscious view and maybe out of the normal time sequence, such as experiencing a future event. A few weeks ago, I had a brief dream in which I was a passenger in a car that was speeding along a road. Up ahead, I noticed construction equipment along the middle of the road and cars along the side. I thought the driver was going much too fast for the conditions and yelled for him to slow down. Just as I did, he drove too close to another vehicle and scraped the side of his and the other car. That was the end of

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