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Dreams and the Illusion of Privacy

Although considered by many to be a basic right, privacy is a challenge for modern society. Some go to great lengths to protect their privacy by having little to do with other people. Others who don’t want to live an isolated life find that they are more exposed than ever before through the Internet. They either can’t or don’t what to seriously restrict their lives, so they take precautions through security software and controls on sensitive accounts. However, a smart hacker will still find ways to access protected information. Companies are spending millions of dollars to try to stay ahead of the hackers, but the problem remains a serious one that companies often seem to be losing. The priv

Dreams and Medications

In my posts, I have tried to show the value of dreams. Sometimes dreams are far from earth shaking, but collectively they can greatly enhance the quality of life. My book has received little notice, possibly because I am not promising people instant riches, power, or Nirvana. I do not claim that you can solve all of your problems by interpreting a few dreams. However, you might make a striking discovery, solve a problem, or avoid a disaster. The benefits you receive will be directly proportional to the effort you make. You can, as I did, make substantial improvements to your life by working with your dreams. Today I provide another example of the benefits of paying attention to one’s dreams.

Dreams of Global Changes

The probable global future is much more difficult to see than your individual future. The reason for this is simple: many are feeding energy into the creation of that future. Nonetheless, sometimes there are clear trends, although often not apparent to the conscious mind, which can be picked up by the subconscious. These trends can relate to the planet, such as in climate change, the stock market, conflicts between nations, and changes in the norms of society. The subconscious can store and process vast amounts of information, from your individual life and from telepathic interactions with other people and events. It will see patterns and form conclusions, which then might be passed to your

Changing the Future -- Example 2

The following dream is the second example of a dream of the probable future that I could change. This example is also included in my book The Man Who Sees Tomorrow in His Dreams. This dream is different from my first example because this dream reflected what would continue to happen rather than something new occurring, unless I changed. In the first example, something bad was going to happen if I didn’t change my behavior. This dream reflected a continuing unpleasant situation for my future, unless I changed. In the dream, I was a slave aboard a ship subjected to a severe taskmaster. A voice in the dream said, “It would not be nearly so bad if you didn’t struggle so much.” At this point in m

Dreams of a Future We Cannot Change -- Example 1

In an earlier post, I described two types of dreams of the future: dreams of events we can change and those we cannot change. I gave an example (more to come) of a dream about the future state of my health that could be changed. Now I will provide an example of a dream of a future event that I could not change, but for which I could prepare myself psychologically, and perhaps in other ways. The dream is one that is also discussed in my book The Man Who Sees Tomorrow in His Dreams. At the time of the dream, I was working for a small technical company in a satellite building a short distance from the main building. Work was normal and I had no conscious reason to be concerned about the company

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