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Dreams and Medications

In my posts, I have tried to show the value of dreams. Sometimes dreams are far from earth shaking, but collectively they can greatly enhance the quality of life. My book has received little notice, possibly because I am not promising people instant riches, power, or Nirvana. I do not claim that you can solve all of your problems by interpreting a few dreams. However, you might make a striking discovery, solve a problem, or avoid a disaster. The benefits you receive will be directly proportional to the effort you make. You can, as I did, make substantial improvements to your life by working with your dreams. Today I provide another example of the benefits of paying attention to one’s dreams.

Medical doctors have known for some time that certain medications can cause strange dreams. However, there is another side to this. Dreams can also provide advice and cautions about medications. A few years ago, I was taking a low dosage aspirin each day, not for a medical problem, but because I believed it would have certain health benefits. Recent findings have brought potential health benefits into question, and many doctors no longer think the benefits outweigh the risks. You can find many articles about this with a simple Google search. One night I had a dream showing me with a bottle of aspirin and a bottle of vitamin C. A voice in the dream said I should take them together. A few weeks passed before I got around to doing some searches to try to understand that advice. I found the following article, which you might find interesting. The article explains that even taking an enteric-coated aspirin, which I was doing, does not remove the risk of the aspirin causing gastrointestinal bleeding. However, taking aspirin with vitamin C apparently does reduce the risk.

I am not proving any medical advice about taking aspirin with or without vitamin C. You should discuss this with your doctor. I did find it interesting that my dream brought something to my attention, of which I was completely unaware, that has some support in the scientific community. Apparently, my subconscious thought combining vitamin C with aspirin would be beneficial for me.

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