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Dreams of Global Changes

The probable global future is much more difficult to see than your individual future. The reason for this is simple: many are feeding energy into the creation of that future. Nonetheless, sometimes there are clear trends, although often not apparent to the conscious mind, which can be picked up by the subconscious. These trends can relate to the planet, such as in climate change, the stock market, conflicts between nations, and changes in the norms of society. The subconscious can store and process vast amounts of information, from your individual life and from telepathic interactions with other people and events. It will see patterns and form conclusions, which then might be passed to your conscious mind through dreams. The conscious mind does not always know why a particular piece of information finds its way into a dream. Often, though, the subject is of interest to your conscious mind, something you thought about before falling asleep, or is just something the subconscious thinks you need to know.

Often there are great out-of-time events in dreams that are difficult to place in the context of one’s daily life. A strong dream might make an event seem imminent, but its physical occurrence in the world of time as we know it might be many years off. This is why events that are prophesied often do not occur when indicated by the prophet. And the event might never happen because it was only a probable future, albeit at times a likely one. In a dream, I was shown the difficulty in determining the exact shape of the future. The shape is one that is constantly changing, morphing into new forms, fed by the energy of billions of souls.

You might find a clue about the occurrence of an event through its association with another known event. When the known event occurs, then you can look for the predicted event. Occasionally, you might be given a precise time, but I have found this to be the case more for personal events rather than global ones. I once dreamed that a health-related event would occur in ninety days, and it happened in exactly ninety days as predicted. I have dreamed about earth changes, but I have not been given a timetable. In one dream, I was in a city for an overnight stay when I had the following dream. A voice said the area would not be safe when the earth-axis shift occurs. It said the area would be inundated. Of course, this dream could be related to something other than earth changes. However, the fact that I was in a coastal city in a high-risk area if major earth changes occurred, and there was a voice in the dream usually indicative of a literal message, makes me think the dream was a warning about coming changes. No timetable was given.

I have an entire chapter in my book dealing with time and prophecy. I discuss earth changes in the context of both dreams and visions that others have had relating to climate change and its potential consequences for humanity. The seemingly crazy prophecies by prophets of doom thirty years ago are now being seen as real occurrences. Consider the recent weather in New England and some of the other extreme weather-related events such as disappearing landmasses. As changes occur, many will see signs in their dreams forewarning of coming global events. And if you are paying attention to your dreams, you will be in the right place at the right time and need not worry.

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