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Dreams and the Illusion of Privacy

Although considered by many to be a basic right, privacy is a challenge for modern society. Some go to great lengths to protect their privacy by having little to do with other people. Others who don’t want to live an isolated life find that they are more exposed than ever before through the Internet. They either can’t or don’t what to seriously restrict their lives, so they take precautions through security software and controls on sensitive accounts. However, a smart hacker will still find ways to access protected information. Companies are spending millions of dollars to try to stay ahead of the hackers, but the problem remains a serious one that companies often seem to be losing.

The privacy issue is not restricted to financial accounts, which also contain some personal information such as your social security number, address, and telephone numbers. It extends to every aspect of our lives. One of the things I discovered when I began to work with dreams was the connectivity between all people. Interchanges with family, friends, and even strangers of which we have no conscious awareness are ongoing on a subconscious level. Sometimes the interchange is seen in our dreams. If you work with your dreams and have discussions with other like-minded people, at some point you will discover that a friend or acquaintance has a dream about you that involves a situation or event that you wanted to remain private. When this first happened to me many years ago, I was shocked. The person dreamed in detail about something I wanted to remain secret.

If you have ever had a reading from a person with psychic ability, you will find that they also pick up facts about your private lives. And some of these facts you might consider private. This is the nature of things. I am not suggesting that dreamers or psychics can decide to find out everything that you wish to keep private. There is generally a reason they tune into the particular information they receive. And there is information that might not be made available to their conscious minds, particularly if they have a less than honorable intent. However, the fact remains that what are barriers in the conscious, physical world are not barriers in the non-physical world. If you are cheating on a spouse or partner, that person might well have a dream showing that you are having an affair. And the parent who dreams his or her child is doing drugs may be alerted to a real situation, even when the child thinks he or she has been too careful to be detected. What other people think about you, and what you should or shouldn’t do, is often revealed in your dreams.

The fact is that real privacy is an illusion. We are all interconnected, and to achieve what most consider true privacy we would have to be the isolated, separate beings, which some think we are. The model of the universe we see through our dreams is a different one than common vision shows us, but it is also more real. And this world does not contain some of the barriers we see in the physical world or the generally accepted concept of privacy.

I am not suggesting that we stop protecting certain information that thieves could use to harm or steal from us. My goal is to make you aware that certain private information may be exposed regardless of our best efforts to keep it protected. Conversations and events that you think are hidden from family and friends might not be as concealed as you thought.

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