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Monitoring Your Health Through Your Dreams

On 3/25/2019, I posted an item titled Health Advice from Dreams. Because of the importance of our dreams in relation to our health, I continue my thoughts on the subject in this post. Also, I recently had a dream that reminded me of the ability of my dreams to provide concrete guidance concerning my health.

Recent surveys have indicated that health care will be one of the major concerns of Americans for the next presidential election. An enormous amount of money is spent on health care in this country each year. Yet the results are disappointing, with the quality and effectiveness of health care in the United States far down the list compared to many other countries. We spend more and get less. I think many reasons for this exist, and various solutions are being proposed by political candidates. Politics aside, I believe that one obvious answer is to teach people to take better care of their health. And they can do this by monitoring the state of their health depicted in their dreams.

I believe that your dreams represent one of the best sources of information about the state of your health. And it is a powerful diagnostic tool, completely ignored by the medical profession. Scientists are still arguing over the meaning of dreams, while some of us routinely use dreams to monitor our health. In my books, I give several examples of how I received health advice from my dreams, and the benefits that resulted. During my years in a corporate job, I cannot recall exactly how long I worked without a sick day, but I know it was more than twenty years prior to my retirement. During that same period, people in the group I managed, were frequently absent due to illness.

I attribute my good health during that time to changes I made in lifestyle, as well as the constant feedback from my dreams alerting me to health risks or further changes needed to maintain good health. In addition to providing many other types of assistance, my dreams were a health advisor that kept close watch over my physical and mental health.

The good news about health dreams is that they are among the easiest dreams to interpret, often providing advice in a clear unambiguous way. Consider the dream I had a week ago. I dreamed that I had taken my car to a service station because it wasn’t running properly. The mechanic said he didn’t see anything fundamentally wrong, but I needed to drive it around more to get it to run better. Those of you who follow my blog posts will know that a car is often a symbol for the human body in a dream. So I identified the car with my body.

Now, as some background, the past few months I have not felt well. I lacked energy and just didn’t feel robust. I live in Florida, and because of the unusually hot and humid weather, I have been exercising inside on an exercise machine I own. I thought that this would be a good substitute for my normal two-mile walk outside each day. After the dream, I realized that I might have been wrong. I believe that the exercise machine helped, but something was lacking. The dream seemed to be saying that I needed to walk around more. Fortunately, it has cooled down some recently, so I immediately returned to my fast-paced walk outside. The change in how I felt was immediate. I now feel like my old self. Again, the dream guidance was dead on.

Many reasons exist that people give for ignoring their dreams. I believe that if they would begin to see them as coming from a wise and concerned advisor, they would feel differently about them. Dreams are a source of great help, and they are not to be feared. The time to be afraid is when you ignore their guidance.

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