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An Interesting Dream about Politics

Last night I dreamed about preparing for a test on Roman history along with a large group of other students. The focus was on Julius Caesar, who was assassinated by members of the Roman Senate. I was cramming for the test, trying to understand the events that led to Caesar’s death. Eventually I entered a classroom to take the test.

I find the dream interesting with all of the political drama that is currently taking place in Washington. I don’t know that the dream is precognitive, but if it is, it could be indicating that President Trump’s supporters in the US Senate will eventually turn on him, just as Caesar’s friends in the Roman Senate turned on him. In Trump’s case, the assignation would be a political one. There are definite similarities between Donald Trump and Julius Caesar. Both Donald Trump and Julius Caesar are considered authoritarian and populist in their political leanings.

I don’t believe the dream is just a reflection of my personal beliefs because I would be quite surprised to see the republicans in the US Senate turn against him. Also, my belief is that President Trump would resign if he believed he would be both impeached and convicted.

When I have dreams like this one, I try to relate it to what is happening in my own life. If I can’t, I put it aside as one whose meaning may become clear in time. I can’t relate this dream to my personal life, so I will have to wait to see if it is in fact related to the events in Washington.

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