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Climate and Weather Changes

On August 17, 2015, I had a dream about Edgar Cayce and climate change that is described in my book The Inner Guru, and was previously posted on this blog. I will summarize it here.

In the dream, I was viewing a large vertical panel that contained a chart of some kind describing distinct periods in the history of the Earth. There was also some mention of Edgar Cayce and his prophecies concerning Earth changes.

My attention focused on what was labeled Period 6 (not a Cayce term). This period was concerned with the present and near future. An inner voice told me that the weather would get much worse during the next ten to fifteen years. It said that some current landmasses would be under water due to flooding. I saw the year 2030 as the end of this period.

During the four years since the occurrence of the dream, we have seen severe weather in many parts of the world. Each year, new high temperature records are being set, and the combination of record rainfalls, ice melting, and thermal expansion have caused severe flooding in many areas. Climate change is already a fact for the many people who have lost their homes. Unfortunately, my dream is saying that flooding will only get worse for many more years.

In the dream, I was aware of a Period 7, but I did not focus on it to see the content. Perhaps it will be revealed in another dream. So far, the dream is consistent with the weather changes we see occurring and predictions made by others such as Edgar Cayce and Gordon-Michael Scallion.

I am trying to get additional insights through my dreams on the progression of earth changes due to climate change and other factors such as volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. Any dreams related to this topic will be posted here on this website and my blog

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