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I have posted contact information various places. On this website you can fill out a form for an email that will be forwarded to me by the website—point to BIO and then click on CONTACTS. If you have questions, I will do my best to respond. However, I cannot interpret a dream for you. In previous posts and in my books, I make it very clear that the dreamer must learn to interpret his or her own dreams. Dream symbols have meanings that are unique to the dreamer, and their complete meaning cannot be deciphered by another. However, I can suggest things to look for or consider when trying interpreting a dream. Many dreams have common themes, and an understanding of the theme may help you understand the complete dream.

My response may be in the form of a post on my blog, particularly if I think the answer to a question will be of interest to others. I do not share any personal information such as someone’s dream without the individual’s permission. And even in that case, I would not identify the source.

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