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Dream of Food Shortages

On April 19, 2015, I had the following brief dream. I dreamed I was talking with the leader of China. He said that in three years they were going to have a difficult time with food shortages. I saw a map of China, and he identified a spot where I took him to mean the problem would start. He didn't give the cause of the food shortages.

This dream was posted in May of 2015. I mention it again because we are approaching the three-year mark.

I have several new items I am preparing to post. The first is a dream that I think relates to the current appearance of friendship on the part of North Korea. I say appearance because my dream suggests it is not real. The second post is about the digital age and some of the dangers that may not be apparent to everyone. The third post will be an update on my dreams about the stock market. I’m not sure the current volatility is over, so I want to wait a few more weeks before I provide an update. I think several danger signs still exist such as the 10-year bond yield approaching 3%. Also, I have great difficulty understanding the addition of debt by the Federal government when interest rates are rising and the economy is reasonably healthy. The deficits will increase, which should make all of us nervous. I am not an economist or financial expert, but the recent weeks have illustrated just how quickly things can change in the markets.

The weather conditions around the world are getting more volatile each year. In a previous post of a dream in August of 2015, I described a dream that indicated the weather would get much worse during the next ten to fifteen years. We are still early in the cycle, so I expect the losses experienced due to extreme weather to only increase.

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