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Dream about Fake Intent

On January 23, I had the following brief dream. I saw two large groups of soldiers come together in some kind of truce. One group was Asian, which could have been Chinese or Korean, and the other was White. The truce was initiated by the Asian group, which acted friendly and espoused a desire for peace. Suddenly, the Asians, who had feigned peace, began to attack and slaughter nearly all of the Whites.

I find it interesting that this dream occurred right before the big initiative by North Korea proclaiming a desire for peace with South Korea and a desire to show a United Korea at the Olympics. While better relations between North and South Korea may be constructive, I don’t think a dictatorship like North Korea can survive in a truly peaceful and open environment. The country is a closed society that survives based on absolute allegiance of its people to Kim Jong Un, who is a dictator. I believe he is feeling the impact of the sanctions and is trying to get relief by reaching out to South Korea to drive a wedge between our nations.

Some in the United States think that North Korea is ready to negotiate and is interested in peace. If he approaches the United States to open negotiations and professes a desire for peace, I think we must examine his intent very carefully. Time is in his favor because with each passing month the progress he makes with his missile program takes him ever closer to being able to deliver a nuclear weapon to any part of the United States.

My dream did not say the Asians were North Koreans. We have had a reasonably good relationship with China, with China being a huge trading partner and holding over a trillion dollars of US debt. If that situation were to change suddenly, the results could be catastrophic. Also, some friction in the South China Sea could easily escalate. I'm not sure anyone in this country really understands the long-term intentions of China.

Sometimes the real-life counterparts of the actors in a dream are not evident immediately, but eventually the meaning becomes clear. Clearly, we should strive for peace. But that does not mean we should be blind to the real intentions of other nations.

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