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A Dream of an Attack in Chicago

During the early morning hours on Easter Sunday, I had the following dream. I was on the phone when someone walked into the room and said, “Get off the phone. We are at war.” I followed him into another room where the TV was on. A newscaster said the IBM building in Chicago had been hit. While it was collapsing, the newscaster bemoaned its destruction and talked about the difficulty of watching it sink into a pile of rubble.

Now I am not prophesying that we are going to see another 9/11 unfold in Chicago, although that is a possibility. On Easter Sunday I was house sitting for my son and I decided to watch a movie in the afternoon. In the beginning of the movie, the main character was watching the destruction of the Twin Towers on TV during 9/11. The movie was about spies and international business being used to fund an economic attack on the United States.

I have previously stated that my dreams often fold in a plot from a movie I later watch. This appears to be the case here. However, since it is also possible that the movie precipitated the dream because my subconscious sees as a future possibility an attack unfolding in Chicago, I decided to post it.

The IBM building in Chicago apparently no longer houses offices for IBM, but it is a major landmark and an iconic building. My dream may have selected that building because of the IBM name. It wanted to convey that international business was also involved in the movie.

When interpreting a dream, I try to consider all possible aspects. Sometimes it is only later when I discover which of the possibilities was correct.

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