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Our Activities During Dreams

When we dream, our minds can be extremely active. And sometimes we may not be totally in our body while we sleep and dream. We can astral project and encounter events that are out of our conscious view and maybe out of the normal time sequence, such as experiencing a future event.

A few weeks ago, I had a brief dream in which I was a passenger in a car that was speeding along a road. Up ahead, I noticed construction equipment along the middle of the road and cars along the side. I thought the driver was going much too fast for the conditions and yelled for him to slow down. Just as I did, he drove too close to another vehicle and scraped the side of his and the other car. That was the end of the dream.

A few days later, my son called and during our conversation mentioned that his car had been hit while parked on the side of the street. Someone drove too close to his car and scraped the fender on the driver's side.

I have had this type of dream on numerous occasions where I participate in an event that will affect someone I know, but may be far removed from my own life and activities. Of course, in this dream one could speculate that rather than astral projecting I simply tuned into my son's situation and my subconscious mind built a story around it. Even in this interpretation, we would have telepathy and /or clairvoyance taking place within the dream state.

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