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A Precognitive Dream About Storms Becoming Fulfilled

Today I checked the news and found the top story on CNN is about unprecedented rain and flooding in South Carolina. According to CNN, “President Barack Obama has declared an emergency in South Carolina.” If you have not read my posts or have forgotten what I wrote, I suggest you read my posts of 5/07/2015, 8/04/2015, and 8/18/2015. The first two are about South Carolina and the possible prediction of a major rain event in South Carolina, and the last one is about what we can expect concerning weather for the next 10–15 years.

I don’t know if anyone in South Carolina read my posts when I published them, but clearly our dreams can help us prepare for such events. If we are wrong or things change and the events do not occur, no harm is done and we are probably much better prepared if such events should occur in the future. As I write this, it is raining where I live in Florida. Although rain is not unusual this time of the year, we have had record amounts the past few months.

The entire world is being affected, not just the United States. Even Pope Francis recently made a plea to President Barack Obama about the urgent need to address climate change. I believe that things will only get worse, and we must all wake up to the rapid changes in climate. Pay attention to your dreams and be forewarned about dangerous situations and events that might affect you and your family.

My thoughts and prayers go out to those in harm’s way. During my lifetime, I have lived through major storms and fear can become all-consuming, especially if your house or livelihood is being washed away. I have always been a proponent of advance preparation and being proactive, which is probably why I place such importance in dreams. You do not need to be blindsided by such events in your life. I believe a source of help is available that is unrecognized by most people, and that source is our dreams.

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