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Rain and More Rain

In my last post, I wrote about some severe weather in South Carolina and rainfall that broke all previous records. And now, we are seeing this happening in Texas. During the hurricane season, some areas of the US often receive large amounts of rain due to hurricanes or tropical storms, resulting in flooding and power outages. However, the amount of rain in South Carolina and Texas is not normal even for the hurricane season, and it has broken existing records. The weather experts attribute the conditions to an unusually strong El Niño, and warnings have been given that some areas of the US should expect severe weather this winter.

My last dream concerning weather indicated that weather would get increasing worse during the next 10 – 15 years. There may well be periods of relative quiet, but the dream forecast worsening weather overall. I personally think we will see increasingly larger storms with rainfall records being shattered in many parts of the world. This does not mean all areas will experience more rainfall. More rain may occur in some areas and severe drought in other areas. In another earlier dream in my post on 5/07/2015, I was told that food shortages would occur in China in three years. Severe weather that causes flooding in some areas and drought in other areas could certainly lead to food shortages. Crops may be destroyed or wilt, depending on the conditions, but in either case they are lost.

Pay attention to your dreams and events such as these will not leave you caught unaware. Climate change is real, and the effects are going to be felt worldwide. I will continue to post dreams that might be warnings about future severe weather or earth changes.

I found an error in my post of 8/04/2015. When I provided an update to my earlier post about food shortages and storms, I mentioned a food shortage occurring in China in two years. It should have been three years, as stated in my original post about this. I verified that three years is correct by going back to my original recording of the dream, and I have corrected this error in the post.

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