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Precognitive Dreams and Time

In precognitive dreams, time can be an elusive element. If you dream about something happening as a future event, often no date for the occurrence is provided. However, sometimes a specific time may be provided such as when a voice says something like the following: this will happen in thirty days or by the end of the month. The event can also be linked to another event, and the event of concern may occur shortly after the other event occurs.

The lack of a predicted time can be a frustrating thing to experience. I have had dreams where a specific date was provided for the predicted event, and I have had dreams in which no date was provided for the predicted event. Once I dreamed a health-related event would occur in ninety days, and it happened in exactly ninety days. Another time I dreamed about food shortages beginning in China in three years (the dream occurred in April of 2015), a date that is fast approaching. However, when I dreamed about major storms hitting South Carolina, a date was not provided. The actual storms occurred a little over five months after my dream.

Last year in July, almost one year ago, I dreamed the stock market would crash. A date for this event was not provided. Obviously, this has not yet happened yet. Also, in my posted dream about seeing a graph of the unemployment rate, no time scale was shown for the graph. I could only see the steady decline, which has occurred, followed by a steep increase from the bottom, which has not yet occurred.

Over the years, I have had many dreams about future personal events, and usually I will experience their occurrence within a few weeks. However, this may only be my perception. Perhaps, other events that will not occur until years into the future were forgotten because nothing occurred within a few weeks or months. I know that some of the events shown in my precognitive dreams about future personal events did not occur for several years.

I believe we are shown things in dreams a certain way for a reason. When time is not provided, perhaps it is not yet known. Or maybe the higher mind wants the dreamer to spend some time exploring the possibilities along with potential ramifications. I have spent considerable time contemplating the possibilities for my dreams about the stock market and the graph of the unemployment rate. At the time of the dreams, I believe the events indicated were likely events. Whether or not they actually occur is still an open question. However, I do not think we will have to wait much longer for an answer.

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