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A Worrisome Dream

The night before the Paris attacks, I had a worrisome dream. Other dreams occurred that night in which great commotion was taking place involving many people, but I could not specifically relate them to the situation in Paris. This particular dream probably does not relate to the Paris attacks either, but it causes me concern for other reasons. First, I will relate the dream.

In the dream, I was in a plane that was coming in for a landing. The plane appeared to be a small commuter plane. I was walking down the aisle when a flight attendant instructed me to take my seat for landing. I couldn’t seem to locate it, and the attendant pointed to a seat next to a large, overweight man.

In an instant, I found myself above him squished against the ceiling. I thought, I can’t stay here like this. I then seemed to realize I was out of body and not a normal passenger. As the plane taxied into the gate ramp, I was already walking toward the front exit.

Suddenly, a huge explosion occurred that seemed to come from the rear of the plane. A wave of fire and debris blew the entire front of the plane and me away. I think it affected the terminal building as well.

Obviously, as I have stated many times in my posts, I first look at current and planned events in my life to see if the dream fits any of them. I have done that and at least as of today cannot find any relationship. Of course, this could change over the coming days and weeks, but right now I don’t have an interpretation that fits my life.

The worrisome part of the dream is what appears to be my out-of-body visit to this plane. When this happened in the past, within a few days planes crashed just like in the dreams. In one dream, I can still recall the terror of the passengers when they realized the plane was going down. I experienced it with them.

I certainly hope that this dream is not precognitive of an actual event. However, with terrorists targeting so many nations, it is conceivable that this could happen. ISIL has already claimed responsibility for the downing of the Russian aircraft, which some airline safety experts believe was due to a bomb. I don’t know why I found myself on that particular plane. If one is destroyed in a similar way, perhaps the answer will become clear. I have flown on a number of commuter planes during my working career; maybe the plane in the dream relates to one of those.

I want to emphasize that I am not predicting that a plane will be destroyed as in my dream. But I do make associations, and my past associations with this type of dream were disturbing. Perhaps this time it will be different. As always, use caution wherever you are. If you are traveling and see something that seems out of place, report it.

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