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Current and Future Plans

Recently, I have reviewed my posts of this past year and found I have covered the main topics concerning dreams. I have collected all my posts in the form of a book with posts categorized by major topic. This collection provides my views and experience with a wide variety of subjects. This is not the end of my posts, but they will be less frequent in the near future. If I have an interesting dream or something to say regarding some topic related to dreams, I will still create a post and send out a notification as a tweet. But I am no longer trying to publish two posts a week as before.

My intent is to publish my posts through July of this year as a book with the following chapter headings or something similar:

• Dream Basics

• Health and Health Dreams

• Daily Challenges and Dreams

• Precognition in Dreams

• Mind, the Psychic, and Spirit

• Dreams of Death and Dying

• The Nature of Time

• Additional Topics

The table of contents will include a description of each post and corresponding page number. Any person interested in my views will be able to quickly find my posts related to a specific topic of interest. My best estimate is that the book will be available in the first half of next year. My current thought for a title is Commentary on Dreams and Related Topics.

I also intend to finish preparation of a book of short stories. This has been in the background for a long time and I now feel the need to finish it. These two efforts will consume much of my time, which is one of the reasons for less frequent posts. Also, things are changing in my life and I feel the need to expand the subject matter of my posts, but cannot do it until I finish my books. I expect future posts to deal with other topics such as healing and personal transformation, which have only been touched upon in relation to dreams. They will become major topics in themselves.

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