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Why Prophecies Often Appear to be Wrong

From humans’ desire to know the future, prophets have emerged who claim that God has shown them the future. In modern times, many psychics who claim to see the future may not attribute the visions directly to God, at least the traditional concept of God, but just say the spirit or an angelic presence has shown them what they describe.

Those who have made predictions that have come true quickly find adherents and are followed by large numbers of people. Perhaps the most famous seer is Nostradamus whose prophecies are still widely studied more than 450 years after his death. In modern times, Edgar Cayce is regarded by many as a prophet even though few of his readings deal with prophecy. He is known for his predictions about Earth changes that involve dramatic changes to the surface of the Earth. I will focus on his predictions about Earth changes in a later post.

Gordon-Michael Scallion is another person has devoted much of his life to the production of maps that show dramatic changes to the geography of the Earth after a series of cataclysmic events. The maps are based on his visions from dreams. The predictions are like Cayce’s but much more detailed. The maps were produced in the early 1990s. Other visionaries such as Lori Toye (see have produced similar maps as well. Her map was produced in 1989 as I am America. Although she appears to predate Gordon-Michael Scallion, he received information from a psychic awakening ten years earlier about future earth changes and began publishing information about Earth changes in the 1980s (see

Edgar Cayce’s predictions and the changes shown by Gordon-Michael Scallion focused on the turn of the century for the greater changes. The changes would start earlier, but significant alterations in the Earth that change the contours of many countries would occur by the year 2000 or shortly thereafter. This has not happened. Some have criticized both Cayce, Scallion, and Toye as just doomsayers with ridiculous predictions that never come true.

So, are people such as Nostradamus, Cayce, and Scallion true prophets, or are they just frauds or misguided souls? If they are prophets, why did their prophecies not come true? I think this this question strikes at the heart of prophecy and involves the nature of time. From my dreams, I have learned that time is an illusion that has meaning to us on this Earth, but on a deeper subconscious level may not have the same significance.

The following is my belief. When the subconscious shows us a vision of the future, that future already exists on a psychic level. It just has not been brought into the material world. There is an infinite number of psychic realities, one of which may become physical. If we see a vision of the future, it just means that the particular psychic event shown in the vision is the most likely one to become physical reality. So, why does one psychic reality become physical versus another? I think we all participate in that selection through our thoughts and actions. If a strong pattern in people’s thoughts and actions exist, then the future can be seen before the complete physical manifestation occurs. But a sudden change in people’s thought pattern occurs, a different physical reality will occur in the future.

I believe that real prophecy is often a warning to humankind about what will happen based on the path that humans are on. If the warnings are heeded, the events prophesied will not occur. Unfortunately, the warnings are often not heeded. Now, not everything is under human control. The Earth has its own cycles that will play out over time. These cycles may be affected by human operations like mining, creation of greenhouse gases, and destruction of balances in nature, but major cycles probably cannot be changed.

I think our current problems with climate change are a result of human operations, as science as shown, but cycles that bring about earthquakes and volcanic eruptions will occur and have occurred as part of the Earth’s natural cycles. We may just have reached a cycle where these natural events become prominent, in addition to climate change caused by humans. Cayce’s and Scallion’s predictions deal with these natural cycles.

Are the prophecies of Cayce and Scallion wrong, or just delayed? In some of Cayce’s answers, he indicated that exact times could not be given. Scallion gave times within a period spanning a decade or so, and his times are wrong, if these events are still to occur. It is possible that Cayce and Scallion were both influenced by the focus on expected great changes because of the year 2000. But time as we know it doesn’t exist in the greater consciousness. And maybe the changes we are beginning to see were just delayed. I believe we will have the answer this decade.

People like exact answers. That is not the nature of things. I have seen in my dreams how things are in a state of constant flux. I cannot look at an event and say it will happen, but some are almost certain. If someone is on a fixed path and resistant to change, their future could be seen with a high degree of confidence. In your dreams, you will see the future you are building. But it can be changed; however, you must make the decision to create a different reality. A warning in a dream is exactly that. If it is personal, you can probably prevent its occurrence though change. If it broader than just your life, you may not be able to change it, but you can prepare for it.

You may not be able to prevent a drought, earthquake or volcanic eruption, but you can prepare for them. Prophets have warned us about Earth changes; it is up to humans to take the appropriate action. Because the greater changes have not yet occurred does not mean they will not occur; they may just have been delayed. I think we will have the answer before this decade ends.

Another reason that many prophecies appear to not come true relates to an understanding of the message itself. Visions and prophetic messages are like dreams; the vision or message is symbolic and not literal. I have had psychics tell me something about my future that I understood because I knew the meaning of the symbolism; they were relating it to me as a literal message, which it was not. And they did not understand the message. You can find more about my interaction with and investigations of psychics in my books.

People often examine the prophecy as a literal communication and may completely miss the real meaning. This situation occurs with the interpretation of much of the Bible. Some understand it as literal in its meaning, even when a literal interpretation does not make sense. I do not intend to start a religious debate here, but even the Biblical account of dreams required interpretation of the symbolism to reveal the meaning.

Some say that it is a cop out to assign a symbolic meaning to a prophecy. They claim that anything a person wants it to mean is then possible. I don’t think that is the case, but things are not as simple and definitive as some would like. Whether it involves dreams or prophecy, we often must search for the meaning. If you want your dreams to simple deliver message to you on your terms, you are likely to be disappointed. The subconscious cannot be controlled in that way.

In the next post, I will begin to examine some of the Cayce prophecies concerning Earth changes. They are shocking and hard to accept. Of course, the worse scenarios presented may never happen. But I think we must all realize that humans have a certain arrogance that prevents us from believing that cataclysmic events could occur simply because we are here.

We are facing threats from COVID-19 and climate change. And many are still in denial with a large percentage of the adult population refusing to be vaccinated. I understand concerns about vaccines, but the data is clear. Those getting serious cases of the disease and becoming hospitalized or dying are not the vaccinated; almost all have not been vaccinated.

Climate change is no longer a joke to people in the western states with unbearable record high temperatures, nor was it in Texas during the winter storm that knocked out power to millions. It will get worse. The coronavirus and climate change have become political issues when they should not be. Politicians should be cooperating to deal with huge challenges to our way of life. Now some of the states with the lowest vaccination rates are turning to the federal government for help. During the loss of power in Texas during the winter storm, they asked the federal government for help when many there wanted to be independent of the federal government. They want to be independent until there is a serious problem.

We are not isolated islands. On a deeper lever of consciousness, we are all connected. What affects one affects all. We have become divided in this country, which is the greatest overall threat to our future.

My posts have become more frequent because the situation has become more dire. Throughout history advanced civilizations have thought they would prevail forever, but the seeds of their eventual destruction were evident to those who would look without bias. I am not predicting the end of the world or collapse of America, but I am saying that life will become very painful for many of its inhabitants. The time to prepare is now. The time to change is now because I believe it will be much harder later.

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