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Warning Dream about Seismic Activity in California

The following dream occurred on 3/11/2021 around 3:00 am. Before describing this dream, I want to make clear that our dreams are usually not literal, and this dream could be a symbolic representation of something other than what is depicted. However, it is consistent with similar dreams I have had in the past that proved to be prophetic. I will say more about this further into the post.

In the dream, I was viewing what appeared to be the screen of a monitor. Suddenly, I saw a search box appear and it was quickly filled in with some text about California. Then pages of information appeared along with a voice. The voice said that seismologists in California were freaking out over the number of recent underground tremors and quakes. I briefly saw a map of what appeared to be sensors monitoring the activity. The voice then said that after four years and by 2025, everything would turn to sand. It said it would be all over.

Now, I think most people are familiar with the expression everything has turned to dust, which means that everything has become worthless. Everything turning to sand could be similar. This interpretation of the dream is certainly shocking. Now is this even a possibility? (Of course, one could interpret the dream to mean that the deluge of quakes will end by 2025 and everything will be fine, but I think the statement everything would turn to sand makes this interpretation much less likely.)

I did some research to bring myself up to speed on the current seismic activity in California. And what I found is certainly alarming. In the last two years, the amount of activity in the Los Angeles area has increased the probability of a large earthquake. The seismologists are indeed concerned about the amount of seismic activity and the locations where it has occurred. Of course, even if a large earthquake were to occur, this does not mean the end of California. It would probably take a series of gigantic earthquakes over an extended period to make California uninhabitable. It might just mean that it would be all over for the areas affected.

The experts do not give any credence to Hollywood versions that show California falling into the ocean. California sits solidly over land. However, they do say that the probability for a major quake (8.0 or greater) in California has increased. The San Andreas Fault has ruptured many times in the past, and some think a major rupture is overdue. If a large earthquake were to occur, the damage is likely to come from impassable highways, broken gas and water lines, power outages, and fires.

Lately, the focus in the news has been on climate change and the record high temperatures. For a scientific view of what the United States might look like after extreme effects of climate change, search on “National Geographic map of US after climate change” and you will see various maps that show the potential effects of climate change. The worse flooding is in the eastern and southern states such as Florida. California faces risks from drought, fires, and earthquakes, which have their own cycles, which are independent of current climate change. During this decade, we may be facing the worst of two scenarios: giant storms, drought, and fires from a warming of the Earth and the reactivation of major earthquakes based on slippage in the Earth’s tectonic plates.

Could a series of earthquakes occur throughout the state of California over a condensed period such as the four years suggested in the dream? I’m not certain even the experts know the answer. It seems extremely unlikely, but unlikely is not the same as impossible.

There is the possibility that the interpretation of earthquakes demolishing California is correct, but the timeframe specified is not literal. Numbers in dreams are usually symbolic and not literal. The number four can mean the elements of earth, air, fire, and water, but other meanings are also possible. The number five is often associated with change. So the four years of earthquakes could just mean a period during which the four elements are affected by the earthquakes. And the number five represents changes brought about by the earthquakes. In this interpretation, the four years and the end period of 2025 are not literal.

As with other dreams that I have posted, I am simply relating the dream along with possible interpretations. I am not yet saying that disaster from earthquakes is definitely going to strike California. If this were to occur, I believe we will see signs of a great increase in activity accompanied by one or several large earthquakes. Seismologists are also concerned about a large quake hitting Seattle, a city I once dreamed about being flooded from an earthquake (see earlier post on climate change).

Some people will probably laugh off the possible scenario I just presented for California. It may sound impossible that something like total disaster could actually happen. But just over a year ago, I doubt that many would have taken seriously a suggestion that we would all soon be wearing masks and avoiding close contact. Or the world economy would be reeling, and over a half a million lives in the United States would be lost to a virus.

Recent research suggests that extreme climate change can occur over a few decades. And some believe it is possible that cataclysmic changes to the Earth’s climate and geography can occur within a single decade. It apparently has happened in the Earth’s past. (For a history of climate change and the various research findings, see

The research conclusions are consistent with my earlier dream about climate change and Edgar Cayce in which I was told that the weather would get much worse over the period of the current decade culminating in a new age at the end of this decade. Some currently inhabitable land would be inundated. (See the post My Dreams about Earth Changes on 11/10/2020.) Of course, climate change has already been underway for several decades, and I think this decade is just going to be the culmination of those decades of change.

Some believe that the most severe effects of climate change will not occur until the end of the century or certainly no sooner than the year 2050. As I previously stated, I believe the most severe effects will occur in this decade. I believe we are out of time; the government needs to plan for the real possibility of having to relocate large parts of the population in the near future. This will require enormous government expenditures, and as I have pointed out in previous posts, the government has already added huge sums to the national debt because of the coronavirus.

Another major expenditure is being planned for infrastructure, which will either require new taxes in some form or spending cuts in other areas to avoid adding further to the national debt. It may include some funding for alternative energy, but I believe it will be too late to stop the worst effects of climate change. Although I believe that a reduction in carbon emissions is absolutely needed, I fear that we are too late to prevent some of the catastrophic fires, droughts, storms, and flooding we will experience this decade. Perhaps the currently planned actions and actions taken in response to the disasters are what usher in a new age by 2030.

Where will the resources come from to address major losses due to climate change, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes? My guess is that we will see much higher taxes in some form or another. And the effect on many people’s lives and the financial markets could be catastrophic. Life as we now know it is likely to change dramatically. I find it interesting that the stock market is making new highs with little or no expectation of enormous disruptions and costs because of climate change.

So how do we know if the dream I related is literal in any sense? There are often clues in a dream that are present when it is literal. The following are some of the ones described in my dream books that I have seen in my own dreams. One example is a telephone dream. The telephone rings, you pick it up, and listen to a message. The message is literal. Another clue is the presence of a TV set. You watch something such as a news broadcast that describes a storm or some other important event. Again, the message is often literal. A third way is the presence of a voice that seems to come out of the ether with an important message. The message such as a warning about your health, family member, or something else provides literal information of great importance to you.

My dream includes both a monitor and a voice, which suggests to me that the dream may be literal. If it is, then it represents a strong warning about the future of California. But interpreting dreams is very subjective, and often we only know if an interpretation is correct after the fact. However, dreams of warning give us time to prepare for future events. If the events do not occur, we have not lost anything other than the time to formulate a plan and prepare for the worst, something we should have already done in earthquake- and hurricane-prone states.

Many people believe that their lives will never be the same because of the coronavirus. I believe the effects on the world of climate change will be much greater than the effects of the coronavirus. Whether or not my dream is literal in all respects, major changes are already occurring. Last year California, Oregon, Washington, and Colorado experienced horrific forest fires. Texas recently saw record freezes, and Australia recently experienced floods not seen in five decades. Water tables in the West are at record lows. Both the frequency and intensity of storms is increasing. And we are still early in this decade.

Recently, a member of the Federal Reserve warned member banks about the need to properly assess the risk of losses from climate change (see The concern is that banks may not be providing adequate reserves to deal with the coming financial losses because of climate change. I think that most people now realize that climate change is real (see and is affecting many parts of the world, but I believe few are prepared for the speed with which change is happening. The time to prepare is now.

Currently living in Florida, I am familiar with the threat of hurricanes. Fortunately, there is some advanced warning. We generally have weather alerts several days in advance for storms headed in our direction. Earthquakes usually do not provide such early warnings, so advanced preparation is critical. Even in Florida, advanced preparation is strongly recommended. At the beginning of the hurricane season residents are repeatedly told to stock extra food, batteries, and water, but many ignore the advice. They plan to just go out and purchase extra items when a hurricane threatens. So when a hurricane warning is issued and it becomes clear that we are in its path, store shelves are quickly stripped of water and other essentials. Many gas stations run out of gas. Those who wait for confirmation that the hurricane will strike may not be able to find needed supplies.

If a major earthquake strikes and causes severe damage, the airport will most likely be shut down, along with the rail lines, and parts of the highways may buckle and be impassible. In short, you may not be able to travel outside of your immediate area, and the loss of power may prevent you from knowing the extent of the damage or being able to run basic appliances in your home. If cell towers are affected, you may lose your cell phone service, even if you have battery backup for the phones to handle power outages. During hurricane Irma in Florida, I had very limited cell phone service. My only link to the outside world was a battery-operated radio. Because of the loss of power, the stores and restaurants in the strip mall a mile from my house were closed for several days.

Although the possible scenario I have presented for California is beyond frightening, I am not trying to terrify people; I am pointing out the obvious and the things I have learned from my own experience in living through a natural disaster. Make a plan so you and your family are prepared for a natural, or manmade, disaster. If you never experience one, you have not lost anything other than a little time and few dollars, and you will sleep better at night.

I sincerely hope that my dream about California is not a literal dream and refers to something else entirely. I would very much like to be wrong about what I see occurring this decade, but warnings are everywhere. Earlier this week, I had another dream that may relate to the dream about California. This latest dream is also disturbing, and I will post it in the near future.

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