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Update to Yesterday's Post about Seismic Activity in California

During my years of working with dreams, I have learned that words in dreams are chosen for a specific reason. They are not just random selections and understanding why a particular word was used can often reveal the meaning of the entire dream. When my dream about California first occurred, I found the use of the phrase “everything would turn to sand” a bit strange. Why didn’t the voice just say that everything would be destroyed? The voice does not say that cities are destroyed. Also, the voice does not say the end condition was caused by earthquakes, although it seemed to be implied since seismic activity was the initial focus. This morning as I was preparing breakfast, one obvious answer occurred to me.

California is experiencing a terrible drought, along with other western states. Because of climate change, lakes are drying up and water tables are at record lows. As temperatures continue to rise, we could see a multi-year drought situation in states such as California. It could become the Dust Bowl of this decade. Or as stated in the dream, everything would turn to sand because the vegetation would die from lack of water. During this decade, the world will experience many changes because of climate change. California may have to deal with both earthquakes and drought for several years with the result being a barren state.

Whatever happens in California affects all of us. By cash receipts, it is the largest agricultural producer in the United States. The effects of a severe multi-year drought in California will be felt economically throughout the country. And drought conditions in other states will only add to the problem.

In future posts, I am going to delve more deeply into some of the prophecies concerning Earth and climate changes starting with Edgar Cayce. As far as California is concerned, I think the seismic activity and drought conditions should both be followed very closely. Climate change is not something that may affect us in the future; it is happening right now. You only have to see the reports of high temperatures setting records around the world, and summer has only just started.

For those living in California, I don't think my dream indicates that you will wake up one day to a completely destroyed state. If large earthquakes begin to occur and/or the drought worsens, you will see gradually deteriorating conditions and most people will have time to leave. But you may experience a large economic loss because property values could drop very rapidly. Of course, you could try to stay to the end of the cycle; the choice is yours to make. No status was given for California after 2025.

The dream was brief and begins with a focus on seismic activity, but ends with a statement about the condition of California that seems more likely caused by drought than earthquakes. Perhaps it was a warning about the occurrence of both during the four-year period.


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