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Political Interference in Climate Change Message

Scientists have labeled climate change as the greatest threat that humanity faces. Yet, we see the Trump administration interfering with the ability of one of our most prestigious organizations (NOAA) to deliver a message that is supported by their research. See Previously, I have clearly stated my overall views concerning the choice we face in this election. Unfortunately, with the focus on the coronavirus, not much attention has been paid to climate change and the stark differences in the approaches of the two candidates.

Joe Biden is proposing a massive program to start a transition off fossil fuels. President Trump claims it will bankrupt the economy and he wants to ignore climate change. I think what is lost in the debate is the fact that many parts of this country, in addition to large areas globally, are already in great danger. We are seeing this with the fires in California and Colorado, which have been directly attributed to climate change. The number of named storms this hurricane season has set a record with another one about to strike the Gulf Coast. This is only the beginning of a trend I will address in more detail in future posts.

Whether or not you believe climate change is caused by human activity, it is clearly happening. Losses to property and life are growing with the future looking quite ominous. If we allow our information to be controlled by politicians, we are headed for disaster. President Trump controlled much of the messaging to the American people concerning the coronavirus, and we now know the result of that. He frequently provided false information and refused to abide by the recommendations of the infectious disease experts, falling victim to the virus himself. Unfortunately, most Americans are not likely to receive the level of care he received; in some states, they are saying they might have to ration the care with only those most likely to survive receiving treatment.

If your job is lost and your house is destroyed because of climate change, it will be small comfort for you to hear from the Republicans that they were wrong. You will probably not hear it from Trump because he doesn’t admit making mistakes. The scientific evidence is overwhelming that the earth is getting warmer and humans are responsible for much of it. When politicians decide to stifle or distort the message of the scientific community, we are in serious trouble. We are no longer a democracy. President Trump warns us about the liberal left and fake news when he is a far greater threat and generates more fake news than any other president in our history has generated.

In future posts, I hope to be able to provide concrete guidance from my dreams concerning climate change. I have had several dreams over the years that deal with different aspects of it, which I will summarize in another post. Hopefully, I can provide warnings about some threats before they become reality. I believe that this is the defining decade for humanity. The condition of humanity in 2030 will depend on our ability to unite and apply our creativity and ingenuity to deal with an existential threat.

As I have stated in previous posts, I am not a member of a political party. I want to see the Republicans and Democrats come together to address a threat facing all of humanity. Unfortunately, I do not see this happening under another four years of Donald Trump. I think that Joe Biden will at least try to unite the parties to deal with this crisis, and he is the only major candidate with a plan to address climate change. If we have four more years of Trump with his current approach to climate change, after his term ends, I believe it will be too late to prevent the unthinkable.


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