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My Previous Post about Storm Coming

On October 20, 2020, I posted a dream about a storm coming. I now believe that the storm warning in my dream referred to the storm Eta, which has become a Category 1 hurricane. It is now headed for the area where I live. The dream was quite literal in showing a rapidly approaching storm with little time to prepare.

The dream occurred three weeks ago. Eta as a named storm became a potential threat about a week ago. Early yesterday it was stationary in the gulf as a tropical storm and some plots even had it moving west. Eta suddenly strengthened and began a rapid movement toward Tampa Bay. Fortunately, I am well prepared for Eta having lived through Irma. But some in the area were caught unprepared.

Dreams forewarn us about such events. I was also warned about Irma in a dream. See my post on November 7, 2017 for a summary of the dream and my Irma experience. We are not helpless victims of circumstances, as many believe. By paying attention to our dreams, we get a broader view of both the present and the future.


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