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Gordon-Michael Scallion and Lori Toye on Earth Changes

Since the death of Edgar Cayce in 1945, others have also made predictions about major changes to the geography of the Earth. Previously, I mentioned Scallion and Toye as two prophets who have produced detailed maps showing changes that they saw in visions or dreams. The changes they show in their maps are much more detailed than the Cayce predictions, which were verbal descriptions about changes to various parts of the US and some other parts of the world. Versions of the Scallion and Toye maps include the entire world.

The maps created by Toye are different from those of Scallion in that they show various scenarios of what could happen. The Scallion maps depict the state of the country and world after all the changes. Toye indicates that the worst scenario may not occur and is dependent upon humanity—our thoughts and actions. The worst-case scenarios depicted by Toye’s I am America maps and Scallion’s Earth changes map are similar. As in the case of Cayce, monumental changes are predicted for the East and West coasts with other parts of the country affected to varying degrees. California becomes a series of islands, and the ocean extends to Phoenix. Much of Florida is lost to the ocean.

Gordon-Michael Scallion had a newsletter for many years in which he would give predictions as he received them. I subscribed to the newsletter and was able to see for myself the degree of his accuracy. I have seen posts on the web from people who claim that none of his predictions ever came true. This is not the case; I found his accuracy rate remarkably high. His predictions about the real estate collapse in 2007 and the banking crisis were spelled out well in advance of these events. It is true that we are beyond the time frame for the Earth changes he indicated in his maps; as in the case of Cayce, the great changes predicted have not occurred. Scallion also has a book titled Notes from the Cosmos that details his development as a prophet or futurist, as he referred to himself, and his thoughts about dreams, prophecy, and the future.

Scallion indicated that in the future water would be worth its weight in gold. And that is certainly becoming the case in the West. He made claims about the importance of water: too little in drought-stricken area and too much in flooded areas. Some areas will have no water and become deserts and others will be under water.

Scallion, as well as Cayce, gave early warning signs for the changes such as volcanoes in North America becoming active again and the presence of new diseases. Toye indicates that an asteroid (I believe the word meteor was used but asteroid would be more accurate) strike in the desert in Arizona would precipitate some of the major changes.

The prophetic warnings of Cayce, Scallion, and Toye paint a similar picture of great changes to the Earth with major impact in North America to the East and West Coast and large portions of several other states. Climate will change with many areas in North America becoming warmer. Safe areas will spring up in various parts of the United States to accommodate the migrations from the areas most affected. As predicted by Cayce, few areas will be unaffected.

If you have thoughts about moving from your current location to what you perceive as a safer area, make certain it is not just your conscious mind directing you. You may just move from one kind of threat to another one equally, or more, dangerous. This is one reason for paying attention to your dreams. Your dreams can help guide you in your choices and warn you if you are about to make the wrong decision.

So, are these monumental changes described really going to happen? Or were these prophets just misguided individuals? Maybe they all saw potential changes to the Earth that for some reason did not occur and we are past the threat. This belief is somewhat comforting, but I don’t think it is accurate. The changes we are beginning to experience look like some of the early warnings that were given. Some volcanoes such as Mount Pelée have recently shown increased activity. This was one of the early warning signs given by Cayce. And the increased seismic activity around Southern California and Nevada is another.

Some believe that the purpose of prophecy is to provide warnings so that the events described or shown do not occur. The warnings are intended to bring about changes in thoughts and actions that will lead to a different future. In this view, a prophecy that comes true is a failed prophecy because the warning was not heeded. I think that the climate change we are seeing is an early indication that we have not heeded the warnings of the prophets or scientists. So, I do not hold out much hope that none of the devastating changes predicted will occur. Although cycles of earthquake activity and volcanic eruptions may not be as tied to human behavior as climate, our oil and mineral drilling and the melting of ice caps affect the overall distribution of the mass of the Earth, and they may precipitate unwanted Earth changes. Some have tied fracking to an increase in earthquake activity.

My dreams have shown some of the changes described taking place, from earthquake activity to a sudden axis shift. And my dream in 2018 indicated that weather would get much worse during the next ten to fifteen years, which takes us to 2028 and beyond. We are now seeing weather changes as the reality of climate change is being painfully felt.

If my dream about California with everything turning to sand by 2025 is literal, we will see several more years of extreme drought, which will have a devastating effect on that region and all the food they produce for the nation. The recent heat wave is already affecting crops and it may get much worse. Lakes and reservoirs are at record low levels, and the availability of water is becoming critical in some areas. The dry vegetation is leading to huge forest fires, and we are only in the early summer.

Unfortunately, many in Congress still deny humans’ role in climate change and as a nation we are unprepared for what is happening. If the heat in the West moves to the agricultural belt this year or in coming years, we will have an enormous problem. Crops are already feeling the impact of the heat in the western states. As a nation, we are unprepared for the suddenness and magnitude of the changes we are seeing.

Cities such as Tampa, Phoenix, and Las Vegas are seeing enormous growth. This tells me that many do not believe that climate change is a real threat to them. I think they believe it is just a passing trend that will soon change.

The United States possesses tremendous resources in people and technology. When we focus on a problem and cooperate, there is nothing we cannot achieve. I was active in a high-tech company during the race to the moon, and I saw a vast network of people and companies cooperating to achieve putting a man on the moon. We need that type of effort again to address the challenges we face. We cannot do it with a divided nation and the tremendous animosity I see present today. If we are truly one nation under God, then we can make this decade one of a testimony to the greatness of the human spirit. However, we are out of time. We must start now, and that means as individuals we must put aside our pettiness, greed, and dislike for those with differing opinions and realize we are all one.

Those who are religious need not wring their hands and beg God to not punish us. God did not create the problem; humans did. And through the spirit of God operating in and through us, we can solve it. But we cannot solve it with the spirit of hate and division. We will meet ourselves this decade. We will meet what we have created. If we don’t like what we are experiencing, we must change, and we must do it now.

In future posts, I will explore the effect of thought on the material. Can thought prevent storms and change what we perceive as physical. What is the relationship between the world we perceive, the beliefs we hold, and our daily thoughts? Can new thoughts prevent the Earth changes prophesied? Or were the prophecies warnings to give us time to prepare for the inevitable. If changes to our thoughts and actions are the answer, I think we are headed in the wrong direction with increased friction, animosity, and division prevalent around the world.

As a final note, an interesting article appeared in yahoo news from USA Today (see Perhaps this will be the grand finale of the climate change cycle. If the weather worsens for the 15 years mentioned in my dream of 2018, that would place the end in the year 2033.

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