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Edgar Cayce and Earth Changes

Edgar Cayce (1877–1945) was a famous 20th century seer who would go into a self-induced trance (appearing to be asleep) and answer questions for those requesting help. The sessions were referred to as “readings.” Most of his readings addressed heath issues the requestor was experiencing, sometimes life threatening. The person requesting the reading was normally not present while he gave his responses in trance. A conductor, usually his wife, Gertrude, would pose the questions to the sleeping Cayce.

In addition to health, Cayce’s readings dealt with a variety of other topics such as reincarnation, dreams, the mental, the spiritual, and prophecy. The number of his readings on Earth changes was small, but those readings often have been referenced by the New Age community because of their dire predictions. Cayce matter-of-factly described changes that he saw occurring during future periods. Since Cayce died in 1945, climate change was not yet a topic of concern. However, he addressed changes to the Earth that he saw occurring during the period 1958 to 2001.

My introduction to the Cayce material on Earth changes came from a small booklet based on a study originally published in 1959. The booklet is titled Earth Changes and is published by the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.). The A.R.E. is a non-profit organization established in 1931 to preserve, study, and make available the psychic readings of Edgar Cayce.

Much of the information in the booklet deals with Cayce readings concerning earlier geologic times. However, some fifteen readings in the study focus on the period 1958 to 2001. Some of Cayce’s predictions have already occurred and been verified. The most shocking ones that are closer to the end period of 2001 have not occurred. Many reasons for this are possible, which I addressed in the last post.

Major changes to the geography of the Earth were forecast. For the period 1958–1998, Cayce’s predictions include the following (paraphrased from the readings).

- Breakup of land in the western part of the US

- Most of Japan lost to the sea

- Sudden changes in northern Europe

- Volcanoes, upheavals, and shifting of the poles

After the changes, much of California and the East coast, including New York City, will be under water. Great portions of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida will be inundated as well.

Few parts of North America will be untouched. In one reading, Cayce says safety lands will comprise parts of Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois, along with southern and eastern Canada and Virginia Beach. This doesn’t leave much for people seeking to stay in the US. Cayce describes other changes such as the Great Lakes emptying into the Gulf of Mexico.

For those who want a thorough understanding of the Cayce readings on Earth changes, I suggest you obtain the booklet described. One of the early changes indicated is earthquake activity in southern California and the area between Salt Lake in Utah and southern Nevada. I find this interesting because of the recent activity in those areas and my dream about seismic activity in southern California. The area recently had an earthquake of magnitude 5.9.

The changes Cayce describes do not occur overnight; it is a gradual process with their culmination in the axis shift and the greater changes. Of course, the major changes described have not occurred yet, but we may now be seeing the beginning of those changes. Before elaborating on this view, I will explore the revelations of Gordon-Michael Scallion and Lori Toye in my next post. They support the predictions of Edgar Cayce, but like Cayce the monumental changes predicted have not yet occurred.

I am NOT suggesting that Edgar Cayce was a prophet of doom. He was anything but that; his message was always one of hope and possibilities for greater good. His prophetic statements were often simply a part of the environment he was describing for the person receiving the reading. They should not be completely surprising because the history of the Earth is one of great change. We just don’t want that change to occur now that we humans are present on the Earth.

In future posts, after focusing on Earth changes, I will address the possibilities for humanity. I believe that we have only just begun to understand our potential for creativity. Employed in a positive way, our creative spirit can pave the way to a golden age. (My own dreams show humanity entering a new age by the end of this decade.) But we are not going to achieve that with the divisions currently present. We are on a path of self-destruction that is playing out in a variety of ways. Our disregard for the environment has caught up with us; climate change is not ordained by God. It was caused by humans, and we must accept responsibility for it. As imbalances in nature occur, we are likely to see extreme side effects such as droughts and famine. And new deadly diseases may emerge from the imbalances.

We are now seeing the effects of climate change in the West with record high temperatures and a diminishing water supply. Adverse effects of a warming world are not something that might happen in the future; they are happening right now and devastating consequences of climate change appear to be accelerating. We must now plan for life in a warming world that may involve dramatic changes to our lives. I believe it is too late to prevent many of the changes that will occur this decade, but it is not too late to plan for living with them.

If the high temperatures in California continue, then my dream of everything turning to sand by 2025 may not seem so unlikely. In the next post, I will describe Gordon-Michael Scallions predictions and claims about water becoming a critical factor for survival because there will either be too much in areas flooding or not enough in areas of drought.

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