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Dreams and Prophecy

Since the earliest times, humans have wanted to know the future. In ancient Greece, visitors would visit the Oracle of Delphi to gain insight into the future. A priestess would answer questions posed by the visitors.

In modern times, we have psychic readers who answer questions posed by visitors or clients. Some psychics have become well known, and the insights of the most famous ones often come at a high price.

Dreams have long been a source of prophecy as well. The Bible contains numerous examples of prophetic declarations, sometimes containing warnings about the future. As I have stated in my books, prophetic dreams did not end with the Bible. They continue today and are experienced by everyone. Most people are unaware of them because they do not record and interpret their dreams.

I am not suggesting that prophetic dreams occur nightly, or even very often. (An exception may be someone who receives a series of prophetic dreams to help humankind.) Edgar Cayce is regarded by many as the most important and best documented psychic and prophetic of the 20th century. Yet, the number of prophecies among his more than 14,000 readings is exceedingly small. I have examined the percentage of his readings regarded as prophetic (concerning conditions and events of a general nature) and applied it to my dreams. The results suggests that I may have a few dreams a year that are truly prophetic. These are dreams that relate to the economy, climate, politics, Earth changes, or something else that is of a general nature and not just related to my life.

If you are not paying attention daily, these dreams can easily be lost among the hundreds that occur each year. In my case, I average between 700 and 1000 recalled dreams a year. All dreams are significant, but the ones with a wide impact will be few. I believe this is one reason that most scientists do not believe dreams are prophetic.

The easiest way to see the reflection of the future in dreams is in your personal life. These dreams may not be as dramatic as those about earthquakes or a stock market crash. But they can and will show you that the future you are building is first experienced in your dreams; encounters and interactions that seen spontaneous when they occur will be foreshadowed in your dreams. In a short time, you will realize that things don’t just happen for no reason as random and unexplained events. You have built the future you will experience.

If you want to find your purpose in life or see where the path you are on is taking you, pay attention to your dreams. On a psychic level, you are living tomorrow in your dreams of the previous night. The day will play out in your sleep before you ever experience it in this physical world. You may not believe me, but the only way you will know for certain if what I am stating is true is to monitor your own dreams. You are not the victim of circumstances; you create the life you live.

In my next post, I will discuss the reasons that prophecies often do not come true.


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