Food Shortages in China

September 23, 2019

In my book The Inner Guru and previously on my blog, I described a dream I had on April 19, 2015, concerning China. In the dream, I was talking with the President of China, and he pointed to a place on a map of China where he said food shortages would begin in three years. For my dream to be prophetic, some evidence of food shortages should have occurred last year. In fact, this was the case. I started reading reports of an epidemic of African swine fever sweeping through the pigs in China, which reportedly began in August of 2018, but may have started even earlier. China is the largest producer and consumer of pork of any country in the world. Pork makes up more than fifty percent of the Chinese meat consumption.


This year, the problem appears to have worsened with the outbreak spreading throughout all of China. China has recently announced that they are releasing frozen pork from their emergency supplies to meet demand, but there are indications some of that meat may be contaminated with the disease. Fortunately, it is not harmful for humans, but it is usually fatal for pigs.


Because of the African swine fever, the pig population has dropped dramatically. The statistics and other information are easily found with an internet search. This disease is a major problem for China and it is driving up the price of pork worldwide. They will be forced to import large quantities, but there is no guarantee that this disease will not spread throughout the world. Even if it does not, it is not clear that there is enough capacity to make up for China’s losses.


Again, as I have emphasized in my books and in my posts, dreams provide warnings about situations before they occur, sometimes years in advance. My dream did not indicate the nature of the food shortages, but I was certain that something would happen that would cause food problems in China in the period given. We do not have to be blindsided by events of this type. Pay attention to your dreams and dreams will broaden your view of the world around you. You will often be forewarned about significant events of concern to you, society, or the world at large.

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