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Beliefs, Health, and State of the World

What are your beliefs? For a moment, examine your beliefs. What are your beliefs about morality, religion, politics, the economy, your job, your family, life, and death? If challenged, can you really defend your beliefs? Many of them were formed early in life and developed in relationship to your family and friends. But do you know them to be true or are they just a convenience that allows you to interact with other people with minimal conflict?

I think that many people become comfortable with their beliefs; their beliefs help them deal with daily life and justify their actions. We often hear the phrase everyone is doing it. Or everyone believes …. It is easy to go with the crowd, the path of least resistance. As I have witnessed disease and death around me, I realized that often it could have been avoided. But the beliefs of the sufferers prevented it. They felt powerless to replace their current beliefs with new ones that promoted good health. So they point to genetics, lack of time, lack of money, the futility of change, and many other things as reasons for a poor diet and lack of exercise.

Others with psychological issues point to discrimination in society or the job, lack of opportunity, bad luck, and a host of other things as the reasons for their poverty or low paying jobs. They believe that life is stacked against them and their problems are not of their own doing.

As I have aged, I have been particularly sensitive to the outcomes of certain beliefs and lifestyles that I have witnessed over the years. When I was younger, I often wondered how certain situations would end. Now, I have witnessed that end for many of them, and the results were very predictable and not pleasant for some of the people involved. The law of cause and effect cannot be avoided.

If you want to live a long and prosperous life, you must do certain things, which are well documented. These include maintaining a good diet, regular exercise, adequate sleep, and a positive attitude based on a sense of purpose in life. And it means not doing certain things such as smoking or embracing hate. If you do the beneficial things and avoid the harmful ones, your chances of having a long, prosperous life are greatly increased. And yet most people ignore any such advice. They develop the following attitude: when my time comes, I will die. It doesn’t matter how I have lived. They disavow any personal responsibility for how they will age, physically and mentally.

My own thoughts about aging and the quality of life have caused me to write a book on healing. In this book, I take a holistic approach to healing, but I also include material not normally included with healing. I am now seeking a literary agent for this book. In addition to this book, I have completed two novels this year, which is the reason for my lack of posts. I am also seeking an agent to represent me for these two books as well.

In the past, I have tried to get my message out about dreams through my books and various posts. I think that this year we are seeing some of the things that I warned about such as a continued worsening of weather due to climate change. I believe we are still in the early stages of these changes and that it will get much worse. I have warned about a stock market crash, which obviously has not happened yet. But once again, we are seeing instability in the stock market. We saw a downturn of about 10% after my earlier warning, and now we see another drop in stocks.

I don’t know if this one is the beginning of the crash shown in my dreams, but I think that crash will happen. We reached almost double the historic average for the PE ratio on the S&P 500, and many stocks were close to or at their all-time highs. Yet consumer household debt is higher than right before the last crash, and average earnings in real dollars haven’t made substantial gains. The entire world is awash is debt. And I don’t believe that nations have begun to factor in the full effects of climate change.

The United States budget deficit was $779 billion dollars for fiscal 2018 and it is projected to soon reach a trillion dollars a year. Maybe the added growth will help some, but independent forecasters don’t think it will be enough to make up for increased spending and the loss in tax revenue due to the corporate and individual tax changes. And as interest rates increase, the interest on the national debt, which was $522 billion in fiscal 2018, will be even higher.

Unfortunately, we don’t seem to learn from past mistakes. We are doing many of the same things all over again that brought about the last crash. In many parts of the country, real estate is overpriced. And lenders have relaxed lending requirements, which will result in foreclosures in a downturn. My son is a real-estate broker and he said many of his clients are being priced out of the market. The unemployment rate has dropped to below 4%, but average salaries with high debt levels do not support home purchases and continued growth in the economy.

My dreams seem to show that the economy will slow. I have not had any recent ones about the stock market. I don’t think it is possible to say how far the stock market performance measures will exceed historical averages, but one thing is clear: the risk of a stock market crash has increased. Many well-known market bulls are now worried about the market. Until my dreams indicate otherwise, I still expect a crash to occur. Pay close attention to the next two weeks. Fear of and actual election surprises could trigger a further selloff, particularly with some large companies reporting weaker than expected results. If the market survives this period without a significant correction, it still faces serious challenges in 2019.

On May 7, 2015, I posted an item about food shortages in China in three years. This summer news items have appeared about a serious pig disease in China that is spreading. China is the world’s largest producer and consumer of pork. A significant loss of pigs could be devastating for them. Thousands of pigs have already been culled due to the disease.

I posted a dream about Edgar Cayce and climate change on August 18, 2015. You can find it in the archive. According to that dream, we are still early in the cycle of worsening weather. Before it is over, I believe major cities will be flooded and crops will be affected. The financial impact will be enormous and will involve the entire world. Areas around the world are now reporting temperatures and storms never before experienced, and I believe this will only get worse. When I mention this to people, the reaction is often the same. They change the subject and pretend they didn’t hear me. Understandably, people don’t like bad news, and they don’t want to think about the possible destruction of their entire way of life. However, people who have lost their homes and jobs due to hurricane Florence or Michael know just how quickly everything can change.

If I have dreams about the economy or climate change, I will post them. Recently, I had a dream that indicated a change in direction for me. I don’t yet know what this means, but I may soon be involved in some new venture or presenting my experience with dreams in a new way. I think the entire world has now been warned about the potentially cataclysmic effects of climate change. As individuals, we have to decide how we will respond.

I recently watched a CNBC interview with Larry Summers, considered by some as one of the smartest economist to ever serve in government. I believe he succinctly captures the economic dangers we face in the future. We have juiced the stock market through low interest rates, easy money, and tax cuts. We have borrowed from the future to benefit the present. But the stimulus is not sustainable and I fear the day of reckoning has been made much worse by recent actions.

My reason for emphasizing the importance of dreams is to avoid the mistakes of the past by seeing what the future brings if we stay on our current path. I think history has shown us that people do not learn the lessons of history and the mistakes are repeated because they think this time it will be different. Dreams can reveal whether or not that is the case. They will show the future that we will soon face.

A higher level of mind through its communications in dreams has its own purpose, which is not under our conscious control. If I am warned about some event such as a devastating storm or stock market crash, that does not mean my dreams are going to update me daily about that coming event. I may only dream about it once, and the dreams then move to other concerns. I have been warned, and now it is up to me to evaluate the information and decide on a response.

We all have to decide how we want to live. If you are uncertain about the path to take, study your dreams. Don’t fear what you are shown; you will be lovingly guided to make the right choices. The effects of those who have chosen a path of hate fill the news. They are cut off from their inner selves and they live in a world of delusion.

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